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Spoiler Alert: TUF Brazil Episode Two Recap


Wrapping up another weekend of great MMA was the second episode of TUF Brazil. In this episode the remaining 16 fighters competed for the remaining spots in the house. Wasting little time from last week’s episode they get right into it.

Up first were Richardson “Rick Monstro” Moreira and Alexandre “Bebezao” Moreira. The fighters lacked technique which has been a trend with most of the heavy weights on the show so far but just like the first fight in last week’s show it ends with a brutal knock out. Moreira lands a few good punches which sends Bebezao into the fence, he then tries a trip but is unsuccessful. After the failed takedown, Moreira awkwardly holds on to an under hook and proceeds to mash Bebezao’s face in with a few massive right hands.

Next we had the self proclaimed nerd Markus Perez Echeimberg against the male model Guilherme “Bomba” Vasconcelos. Being the great jiu-jitsu player that he is, Bomba tries to take the fight to the mat early on but the takedown is blocked and actually gets thrown himself. The two scramble and Bomba ends up on top, Echeimberg tries to buck him off but Bomba takes his back and ends it with a rear naked choke.

Heavyweights Marcos Rogerio de Lima and Thiago Santos are up next on the stage and it’s a quick one. The much larger Santos tries to take the fight to the ground and end up on the fence. Marcos then sees an opening and quickly takes the exposed neck of “Big Monster” and sinks in a tight guillotine that puts the monster to sleep.

In the most bizarre fight of the show Pedro Paulino takes on Ismael de Jesus. So after a small exchange De Jesus takes down Paulino but doenst do much with it and they’re right back up. Paulino resets only to notice that his finger is broken and pretty much freaks out in the cage and the contest is stopped. Showing how much of a BAMF Wanderlei is they cut to him saying “If it were me, I’d put my finger in place and go on, you’ve got nine other fingers!”

The next two fights are highlight reel fights the first between Antonio Paulo Branjao and Fernando Camoles Ribas. Both striking and ground game are displayed by the two heavyweights but in the end it is Branjao that finishes Ribas with some ground and pound from the full mount. The second reel fight was middleweights Wendell Oliveira Marques and Warlley Alves. The only fight to go to the third round this episode showed to be a good one. They went back and forth but ultimately Alves steps away with the victory.

The last middleweight fight is between Marcio “Lyoto” Alexandre and Giuliano Brescianini Arantes. The fight is pretty one sided with Alexandre showing off his striked in the first round then ending the fight with a guillotine choke in the second.

Finally we get to the match I’ve been wanting to talk about the entire time, heavyweights Bruno “Blindado” Silva takes on Vitor “Lex Luthor” Miranda. In my opinion the most impressive heavyweight out of the bunch is Lex, for a big guy his kicks are amazing and can be seen throughout the first round. Blindado might as well have been hanging from a chain since he was pretty much just a punching bag the entire time for Miranda. In the second round Miranda continues to fire off clean strikes then ends it with a beautiful head kick knockout. Miranda will definitely be my pick to take the heavyweight tourney this season.

So that wrapped up the fights and after watching all sixteen fights two things are very clear. The first is that the Brazilians are the absolute worst at picking nicknames. If your nickname isn’t some form of the word monster then you’re stuck with an awful nickname like Cara de Sapato, Lex Luther, or Lyoto. Hopefully they cn be given new ones should they make it to the UFC. The second thing is that this season is looking like it’s going to be a good one. There is a lot of talent but there were also a few guys that lacked technique and seeing them get a reality check should also be fun.

Now when usually it’s time to pick teams the Wandy and Sonnen drama starts. Silva refuses to continue unless Sonnen apologizes for the comments he said about Brazil and anyone who has seen Sonnen speak for at least 15 seconds knows that’s not going to happen. Instead he says he accepts Silva’s surrender and will be happy to coach all the fighters by himself. This causes Silva to throw down his clipboard, then pick it back up when he realizes his notes are still on there, then storm off back into the locker rooms. Sonnen finally goes back there and tries to get Silva back but refuses to apologize, saying “in a million years that is not going to happen.” He states that the beating he took from Anderson the second time is his punishment for saying those things about Brazil but Silva doesn’t agree. The fighters themselves had varied opinions, some think Sonnen should apologize and others think it will be settled when they fight at the end of the season. Then the show ends without then picking teams and again without any mention of the ring girl contest (which I don’t think I’m the only one looking forward to that). The clips of next week show some more conflict between the coaches and clips of the house.

I apologize for the recap being a day late but going forward they should be up Monday afternoon. Follow me on twitter @jlorenty and the website @cagepagesfs

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