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Bellator 113: Vegh vs Newton Results, Emanuel Newton becomes Undisputed Light Heavyweight Champion

Bellator 113 took place at the Kansas Star Arena in Mulvane, Kansas on Friday evening, and featured a Bellator Light Heavyweight title unification bout between champion Attila Vegh and interim champion Emanuel Newton in a rematch. Vegh had defeated Newton early in their careers in the semifinal of the 2012 Bellator Summer Series Light Heavyweight tournament via split decision.

After defeating Newton, Attila Vegh went on to defeat Travis Wiuff in the finals and then defeated the champion Christian M’Pumbu to become the new Bellator Light Heavyweight champion in February of 2013. Since then Vegh has been out 13 months after suffering an injury–later turned into a controversial exchange of words between Vegh and Bellator about whether or not he was really injured or ready to fight. He returns to defend/unify his title against Newton.

While Emanuel Newton, won the season 8 light heavyweight tournament and was supposed to face the champion Vegh at Bellator 106, before Vegh suffered an injury. Newton comes off defeating replacement, King Mo Lawal for a 2nd time in a matchup of two light heavyweight tournament winners to crown the interim champion, while Vegh was recovering from his injury on the sidelines.

The result would be another close split decision after 5 hard fought rounds, but this time the nod would go in favor of Emanuel Newton, becoming the Undisputed Bellator Light Heavyweight champion–defeating Attila Vegh via Split Decision. Newton’s activity and aggressiveness won him the fight over Vegh, who at moments took his foot completely off the gas and allowed Newton to score on the judges’ cards with his striking.

Also on the card was the Bellator Season 10 Lightweight tournament quarterfinals, which resulted in 4 semifinals still in contention for that upcoming title shot and will be meeting at a later date. Brandon Girtz vs Marcin Held, and Derek Campos vs Patricky Freire.

Main Card

Light Heavyweight Championship: Attila Vegh vs Emanuel Newton

Attila Vegh and Emanuel Newton met for a rematch in the Bellator cage, this time with both their titles on the line in a unification bout. Newton came out in his usual awkward stance and had a good first exchange landing a flurry on Vegh. But the noticeably bigger Attila Vegh forced Newton to the fence, where he would find success landing several combinations there in round 1. Newton had landed more strike totals but Vegh had landed the more powerful shots. 10-9 Vegh

Round 2, Newton again was the more active fighter on the feet, landing smaller shots but at a high pace. Newton would push Vegh against the fence, momentarily getting him to the ground, but Vegh able to pop right back up and separate. Newton would continue to push forward, being the more aggressive fighter and this time Vegh would be unable to make up the strikes absorbed. 10-9 Newton

Vegh’s inactivity became more apparent early in the 3rd round as Newton continued to land multiple stirkes in each exchange. But Vegh saw a moment of success when he landed a knee to the midsection of Newton, and began to shift the round in his favor as he began to land more of his powerful shots, having a bigger affect on Newton than vice versa. Strikes were even 13-13 in round 3. 10-9 Vegh

Slow start to the 4th round, sees Newton once again land a few kicks to up his strike volume. Newton attempted a takedown but Vegh would easily stuff it. Vegh was relatively inactive in the round, Newton, the aggressor would out-strike Vegh, ending a few of his flurries with a kick. 10-9 Newton

In the fifth round, Newton once again failed in attempting an early takedown, but was able to control Vegh against the cage for a good minute before separation. A minute later Newton tried for another takedown, unsuccessfully. Vegh then attempted a double leg of his own, but stuffed by Newton. The striking exchanges came few and far between, as both fighters were looking to score that 1 valuable takedown. 10-9 Newton

Emanuel Newton def. Attila Vegh via Split Decision (47-48, 48-47, 49-46)
Becomes the Undisputed Bellator Light Heavyweight Champion

Patricky Freire  vs David Rickels

David “Caveman” Rickels works towards a 2nd title shot at the lightweight champion after coming up short against Michael Chandler at Bellator 97. Against Patricky “Pitbull” Freire, who was on a slide, but snapped a 3-fight losing streak last time out defeating Edson Berto.

Rickels comes out aggressive, walking down Pitbull, landing some kicks at distance. Rickels ends up forcing Freire up against the cage, where he was able to unload with a series of combinations in the clinch. Pitbull ended the 1st round with a takedown, but it wasn’t enough.

Patricky came out aggressive in round 2, caught and staggered Rickels in a wild exchange with a counter left hook. Pitbull then sensing Rickels was hurt, pushed forward and looked for the finish landing a 2nd and 3rd left hook to knockout Rickels and become the 4th semifinalist.

Patricky Freire def. David Rickels via Knockout (punch)–Round 2, 0:54

Rodrigo Cavalheiro vs Marcin Held

Season 7 lightweight tournament finalist, Marcin Held looks for redemption in his 3rd Bellator tournament, against newcomer, Brazilian striker Rodrigo Cavalheiro. Held aggressive coming forward, timed Cavalheiro throwing a wild combination with a double leg takedown. Held worked towards one of his signature leg locks, switching from a heel hook to a toe hold, forcing Cavalheiro to tap in the first round.

Marcin Held def. Rodrigo Cavalheiro via Submission (toe hold)–Round 1, 1:56


Derek Campos vs Tim Welch

Tim Welch returned to Bellator, dropped down to 155lbs and became the late replacement for the injured Terry Etim in the tournament. The taller and lankier Welch was able to keep the fight standing in round 1 defending the several takedown attempts of Campos, but Campos was able to push forward and put the pressure on Welch–despite Welch slightly out striking him in the round.

Campos rocked Welch in round 2 landing a left hand with Welch against the fence, Campos quickly jumped on Welch with strikes and capitalized by taking down Welch. Campos attempted an arm-triangle choke but Welch remained calm under pressure, recovered, and escaped the choke. Campos ended a dominant round with another takedown.

Campos would once again get Welch to the ground in round 3, and remained on top for the majority of the round delivering ground and pound in the guard and half-guard of Welch. Cruising his way to the semi-finals.

Derek Campos def. Tim Welch via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Preliminary Card

In the first lightweight tournament quarterfinal, the undefeated 10-0 Derek Anderson took on Brandon Girtz. Anderson utilized his huge frame over the shorter Girtz by keeping it standing and using his jab. But Girtz would time Anderson coming in and take him down, Girtz attempted a kimura and later an americana in round 1, but Anderson would defend. Derek Anderson began round 2 by catching Brandon Girtz coming in to throw an overhand left with a huge counter knee, resulting in Girtz being knocked out cold. Anderson remains undefeated and advances to the semifinals.

Israel Giron and Cody Carillo engaged in 3 rounds of all stand up that saw both fighters tentatively throw single punches and kicks, with neither able to put together combinations or string together a lot of momentum. Result was all 3 rounds being relatively close. Giron was the more aggressive fighter throughout, pushing forward and landed a late takedown in the 2nd that likely secured him the round. Giron ended up taking a unanimous decision over Carillo.

Donnie Bell was able to use his wrestling to take round 1 from Eric Wisely, by remaining on top in Wisely’s card. Round 2 saw Wisely able to keep the fight standing where he landing several kicks and kept Bell from being able to implement his game plan. A 3rd round saw Wisely able to keep the fight on the feet for nearly 4 minutes before being taken down and surrendering his back to Bell. Ultimately it was Wisely’s ability to keep the fight standing and Bell’s inability to get the fight to the ground, that won Wisely a close split decision.

The heavyweight bout between Daniel Gallemore and last minute replacement, Fredrick Brown–replacing Maurice Jackson in the fight–saw an atrocious job of officiating from the referee. Gallemore landed several shots in the clinch that saw Brown out on his feet, before dropping to the mat. And even then the ref did not stop the fight, leading to Gallemore landing several more unanswered shots before the referee finally stepped in to rescue Brown.

In the opening bout of the prelims, Bobby Cooper utilized an effective boxing strategy to land effective combinations on the feet against Marcio Navarro. Navarro had little answer for the constant pressure and punches of Cooper, who repeatedly tagged Navarro on route to a unanimous decision victory.

Bellator 113 Quick Results

Main Card (9 PM EST, Spike TV)

Light Heavyweight Championship: Emanuel Newton def. Attila Vegh via Split Decision (47-48, 48-47, 49-46)

Lightweight tournament quarterfinal: Patricky Freire def. David Rickels via Knockout (punch)–Round 2, 0:54

Lightweight tournament quarterfinal: Marcin Held def. Rodrigo Cavalheiro via Submission (toe hold)–Round 1, 1:56

Lightweight tournament quarterfinal: Derek Campos def. Tim Welch via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Preliminary Card (7 PM EST,

Lightweight tournament quarterfinal: Derek Anderson def. Brandon Girtz via KO (knee)–Round 2, 0:23
Taurean Bogguess vs. L.C. Davis
Israel Giron def. Cody Carrillo via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Eric Wisely def. Donnie Bell via Split Decision (30-27, 28-29, 29-28)
Daniel Gallemore def. Fredrick Brown via TKO (strikes)–Round 1, 3:34
Bobby Cooper def. Marcio Navarro via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

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