Shogun vs. Henderson II is scheduled for the five round main event after their classic first encounter at UFC 139. Credit:

UFC Fight Night 38 Shogun vs. Henderson 2 as it happened

The long awaited rematch between Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua and Dan Henderson is set to go down tonight in Natal, Brazil. With the two on the back-end of their illustrious careers, a loss could be crucial for either fighter and this has the potential to be just as good as the incredible first bout between the two. Rua is 3-0 in rematches, avenging his losses to Coleman, Griffin and Machida, can he do the same against Henderson?

The co main event sees CB Dollaway fight TUF Brazil winner Cezar Ferreira in an intriguing middleweight tilt. TUF winners Norman Parke and Leonardo Santos square off at lightweight, and Fabio Maldonado faces Gian Villante in a pivotal light heavyweight bout. Elsewhere, Steven Siler squares off against Rony Jason, Thiago Santos faces Ronny Markes and Jussier Formiga fights Scott Jorgensen in a battle of ranked flyweights.

This article will be a play-by-play for the full main and preliminary card for UFC Fight Night 38.

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Main Card


Shogun Rua vs. Dan Henderson

I pray to God that this is even half as entertaining as the first, but I fear this could be an early stoppage by either fighter. Let’s see how it unfolds, and who advances in the light heavyweight division. Could this be the loser’s last fight? Will the loser go down a weight class? So many interesting questions between two legends of the sport. Bryant, Florian and Sonnen trying to talk as though this fight has title implications, but Shogun is 2-3, Hendo is 0-3. A win will be big for either fighter, but come on. Shogun the -250 favourite, but never count Hendo out. Never.

Round 1 - Hendo lands the cleaner strike in their first exchange, Shogun pushing forward though. Both tentative and respecting each other’s power. Certainly not starting how they finished the first fight, but both desperately need a win so it’s excusable. Some nice leg kicks by Shogun early, they were the key to his loss (robbery) against Machida. They’re both very tentative in the early going, mostly exchanging leg kicks and jabs. Hendo with a winging punch, Shogun evades. Some nice little exchanges, both opening up a little more. These leg kicks by Shogun could be his go-to move for this fight. Rua is mixing it up nicely, Hendo just sticking to punches and predominantly his power right. Little success for either fighter, but the kicks of Shogun have been the most significant attack. Hendo closes the distances and gets the clinch, nice knee by Shogun and they break free. They exchange big hooks and Hendo has Shogun rocked! Now Shogun has Hendo rocked! Herb Dean almost steps in! But Hendo gets to his feet! Then Shogun gets him down again! Shogun is unloading with some huge power! He gets the full mount to end the round. What a huge round by the Brazilian. Hendo was caught attacking recklessly against Shogun, bad news for anyone.
Cooper scores round 1 10-8 Shogun.

Round 2 - After a tentative start to the round, Shogun certainly got the better of that round and won it big. Hendo needs to regroup. Shogun with nice leg kicks at the start of the round and he’s certainly more relaxed. Hendo tries to land a big right and misses by some distance. Hendo eats a big hook but counters with one of his own. Shogun engages in the clinch and has Hendo up against the fence, working some knees to Hendo’s already damaged legs. They break free. Shogun pushing forward. He’s fighting very technically and methodically, and getting the better of these exchanges on the feet. Takedown attempt stuffed easily by Rua and he gets a couple of nice shots in. Henderson isn’t attacking as though he has his wits about him. A huge uppercut by Rua that drops Hendo again! Half the round to go, Shogun has a lot of time to work. Hendo is doing well at nullifying Rua’s attack on the ground though, in the clinch with double underhooks. Shogun passes to half guard momentarily but Hendo gets guard back and is doing well at recovering from that big attack. Shogun posturing up and trying to land some big shots, but nothing significant landed thus far. One minute remains in the round. He’s allowing Hendo to recover, and Dean stands them up. Shogun probably should have attacked more there. Pushing forward again, utilising a nice jab and putting Henderson on the end of it. Another 10-8 round in my eyes. Judges aren’t as generous with 10-8s, however. Wouldn’t be surprised to hear both of them being scored 10-9.
Cooper scores round 2 10-8 Shogun.

Round 3 - Henderson having little-to-no success with his strikes so far. He pushes forward with ill will and lands a couple of nice punches but Rua replies. Shogun is breathing through his mouth already, that’s not a good sign. The humidity and temperature is pretty unbearable. Holy moly, a huge strike by Henderson! Absolutely huge! He follows up with punches and has Shogun out! The H-Bomb lands once again and Shogun is reallllly badly hurt. That was painful to watch. Henderson comes back big. He hit him with that big right, Shogun rolled back and Hendo hit him once again going down. He then struck him from the back and Dean stepped in. That’s huge after it looked like Rua was going to finish Hendo and was clearly getting the better of the exchanges. That power cannot be matched in this division. Hendo lives to fight another day, while Rua is back to the drawing board.

Result: Henderson via TKO (punches) at 1:31 in third round.

Not as much of a classic as the first, but a fun fight and huge comeback by one of the good guys in mixed martial arts. Tough loss to take for Shogun, who looked good in the first two rounds, but that H-Bomb has another victim.


Cezar Ferreira vs. CB Dollaway

This doesn’t feel like a co main event, and it’s mostly off the back of Ferreira’s popularity in Brazil more than anything. Dollaway is a big test for him though, he should have beat Boetsch in his last appearance. Will be interesting to see how this pans out.

Round 1 - Both land early, and they’re both utilising nice footwork. WOW! CB with a huge hook! He’s rocked Ferreira! The crowd are silent with just one lady screaming! He follows up with a barrage of punches on the ground and Ferreira is out cold! Great stoppage by Yamasaki. He landed a nice counter on Ferreira after he throw caution to the wind. Better head movement and technique was the key. Ferreira handed his first UFC loss, Dollaway comes back impressively from a  tough loss to take against Boetsch.

Result: Dollaway via TKO (punches) at 0:39 in first round.


Leonardo Santos vs. Norman Parke

I’ve been looking forward to this one. Both fighters are prospects at lightweight, and it’ll be interesting to see who will continue their progress. I like these battles between TUF winners, too. Santos making his 155lbs debut, Parke has gone 3-0 in the division. Santos coming out to the Pride FC theme song, odd choice for someone who never fought for the promotion. He’s the underdog for this one.

Round 1 - Nice front kicks to the thigh by Parke, lovely technique. Santos is showing some nice leg kicks of his own. A nice body kick by Parke. They exchange punches, both landing heavy leather. Parke mixing it up nicely, but an eye poke by Santos halts the action. Parke is very loose with his attacks, and his kick game has improved a lot. Utilising a lot of movement and pushing forward is Parke, but Santos is landing some heavy attacks. Parke gets the clinch, but does nothing with it. Parke’s left eye seems to be closing up, getting increasingly worse. Santos is leaving himself open when attacking and Parke could counter him easily it seems. Parke gets the clinch again, holding him against the cage but little success once again. The ref breaks the action, and Parke still pushing forward. Lovely counters by the Brit, and he’s looking looser as the round progresses, which forces Santos to attempt a takedown to no avail. They’re back in the clinch and Santos has more trip attempts stuffed, with Parke taking control. Parke pushing forward after little action in the clinch. It seems to be Parke unloading on the feet, Santos landing the odd strike, then some boring clinch work. Rinse and repeat. Not much to that round, tough to score.
Cooper scores round 1 10-9 Parke.

Round 2 - Parke the aggressor again, but Santos showing some nice counters. Santos is certainly the more one-dimensional on the feet but he’s landing the more powerful shots and damaging the left eye of Parke. Parke has Santos against the cage once again, and is doing little with it. Not the best strategy if you want to improve your status. Parke has some success on the feet, which leads to a poor takedown attempt by Santos which Parke turns into some more clinch control. This is a very formulaic fight. A POINT DEDUCTION FOR PARKE! WHAT ON EARTH! He grabbed Santos’s shorts, but no warning, just an immediate deduction. This ref is awful, the same referee who stopped the Siler fight way too early. Damn. Parke has more urgency after this, and he might need a finish after the close first round. He’s winning the second, but that won’t be enough for a victory even if he wins the third too. More clinch control by Parke, and a nice short left as they break free. He needs to do more in this position, he might be losing this fight at this point. Finally Parke attempts to do something from the clinch, but his double-leg attempt doesn’t work. This isn’t the sort of fight that does either fighter much good. It’s simply dragging on.
Cooper scores round 2 9-9.

Round 3 - Parke with a lot more urgency to start the round and landing some nice body kicks followed by punching combinations. Parke showing a lot of heart, but Santos happy enough to get back into the clinch with his back against the cage – odd strategy for the Brazilian. Parke must be anxious of the judges as he is in foreign territory. Parke working some nice short punches and knees to Santos’s thighs in the clinch, staying a lot busier while holding his opponent against the cage. He’s certainly winning this round, Santos is offering little in terms of offence and isn’t trying to escape this position at all. Some nice short uppercuts by Parke, he’s pouring it on the Brazilian. They’re both tired, this has been a gruelling fight and the referee steps in again for inactivity in the clinch. They immediately get back into the clinch, and more of the same with Parke taking control. A takedown by Parke, with an immediate stand-up by Santos. Muay-thai clinch by Santos, but does nothing with it. Another takedown attempted by Parke, but nothing comes of it. Another referee break, and they’re now exchanging on the feet. A takedown attempt by Santos, stuffed by Parke impressively and now a takedown attempt of his own by Parke. He’s unsuccessful but once again has the Brazilian in the clinch, against the fence. He has Santos’s back in the clinch but is once again unsuccessful at taking the fight to the mat. A brief takedown to end the round. Parke won the third, but it wasn’t a memorable fight at all. Could be a draw, could be Parke’s, but no way Santos won that fight.
Cooper scores round 3 10-9 Parke (29-27 Parke).

Result: Majority draw (29-27 Santos, 28-28 x2).

The referee cost Norman Parke the win, but as Dana White so elegantly puts it:

Fabio Maldonado vs. Gian Villante

This is the unsung hero of the night, I think both fighters are fairly solid light heavyweights with solid stand-up. Nice stylistic match-up, despite lacking divisional implications. Maldonado looked in a lot better shape at the weigh-ins than for previous fights. He could make 185lbs easily though.

Round 1 - Maldonado gets the clinch, bad move as Villante is a great wrestler. Villante gets the takedown, gets side control and is overwhelming Maldonado early. He pins the right arm of the Brazilian and lands some elbows. Maldonado explodes and Villante gets the back of the Brazilian, controlling him in this position and kneeing his left thigh in brutal fashion. Villante looking great thus far. Maldonado makes he way back up to his feet but these knees are really damaging him here. Maldonado isn’t doing much here, and Villante gets a beautiful takedown, once again getting side control immediately. He goes for the mount but makes a mistake and is in half guard. Wrestling kills, folks. Side control once again for Villante, possibly attempting a Von Flue or arm triangle. He could easily get the d’arce, too, with Maldonado basically offering his neck on a plate for him. Nice short elbows, and Maldonado isn’t even attempting to get up. Nothing too significant landed, but the control has been overwhelming. Villante trying to attack an arm, and ends the round on top. More damage and that could have easily been a 10-8.
Cooper scores round 1 10-9 Villante.

Round 2 - Villante landed a nice hook to start the round and looked to have hurt Maldonado, but doesn’t follow it up. Maldonado pushing forward and trying to establish his jab and land to the body. Some nice jabs by Maldonado, but a nice jab by Villante to counter. A jab to the thigh by Villante, strange. Maldonado has such a huge advantage on the feet, his technique is beautiful to watch. But Villante gets the takedown and has Maldonado’s back, landing knees to that left thigh of Maldonado once again. Full back control as he drags him down. Huge knees by Villante and Maldonado is opened up! He’s really bloodied! That seems to have woke him up! He’s pushing forward and landing big strikes while Villante is smiling! This has turned into a war. Maldonado establishing his jab and pushing forward while Villante is sucking it all up and breathing heavy, it seems. Big combination by Maldonado, he’s doing well on the feet. Villante is getting caught by some big combinations to the head and body. Some nice head movement by Maldonado and Villante’s attacks are very laboured. Finally stuffs a takedown attempt. Villante is gassed, and these body shots certainly aren’t helping his gas tank. Maldonado has Villante up against the cage, absorbs a knee then Villante gets out. Maldonado lands a huge combination and has Villante staggered! What a turn-around! Villante with his hands at his hips, exhausted. Good end to the round by Fabio.
Cooper scores round 2 10-9 Maldonado.

Round 3 - All or nothing in this round. Maldonado is the far fresher fighter and certainly need to keep it on the feet if he wants to win. Villante doesn’t look to have recovered much of his gas tank in-between rounds, breathing heavy to start the round. Maldonado pushing forward, but not showing good defence. Nice technical boxing by the Brazilian which has really been the key to this fight for him. Villante isn’t keeping his hands up, and this isn’t looking good for him. Another failed takedown attempt, very telegraphed. Huge body shots by the Brazilian, and Villante’s gas tank is only getting worse. He staggers Villante with a nice right, then stuffs a takedown attempt. Very sloppy third round by Villante so far, and Maldonado is just stalking him down and stuffing any takedown attempts. These body combinations are picture perfect. Villante running away with his hands down. Maldonado encouraging him to hit him, going full on Leonard Garcia style with big hooks. A huge left, followed by a big combination which briefly drops Villante! Punches in bunches by Maldonado. Villante gets the clinch, tries another takedown but has no luck. A front choke attempt by Maldonado to no avail. A nice uppercut in the clinch, Maldonado is taking over here. No defence by either fighter, hands down, exchanging attacks. Huge hooks by Maldonado followed by another sloppy takedown attempt by Villante! Gian must be hoping the first was a 10-8 so he can get a draw. He’s getting staggered by every combination. This could be stopped here but only 10 seconds left! Villante literally wobbling around the cage, exhausted and battered. A war of attrition between the two. Considering giving that a 10-8, but not completely convinced.
Cooper scores round 3 10-9 Maldonado (29-28 Maldonado).

Result: Maldonado via unanimous decision (29-27, 29-28 x2)

Michel Prazeres vs. Mairbek Taisumov

Don’t know an awful lot about either fighter, but neither lit the world on fire with their Octagon appearances. Prazeres is 1-1 in the UFC, Taisumov won his UFC debut.

Round 1 - Prazeres is the shorter and stockier guy, looks like he could make featherweight easily. Tentative start for both fighters. Prazeres lands some nice shots then engages in the clinch and gets a nice Judo throw. He’s in Taisumov’s half guard, and works his way to the mount with ease. Nice work so far by the Brazilian. Taisumov recovers guard, but Prazeres is a very crafty guy and works his way to side control, moving into north south position. He might be working on a choke here, but makes a mistake in doing so and Taisumov makes his way to the feet. Prazeres once again gets the clinch and is holding Taisumov against the cage. He takes the Austrian to the ground and advances to the mount after distracting him with a kimura attempt. Impressive round so far by the Brazilian and he’s overwhelming Taisumov in the jiu-jitsu department. Constantly working for submission attempts, but he sloppily lets Taisumov regain guard from the mount once again. He’s unloading some nice ground and pound here, Taisumov getting overwhelmed. Mixing it up to the head and body, punches and elbows, nice work by Prazeres. Mount once again but Taisumov explodes and gets to the feet. Illegal kick by Taisumov after this and a point deduction by Yamasaki, no warning there. Wow that’s pretty harsh from the ref there. Taisumov needs a finish. Prazeres had one knee on the ground but it was such a rapid exchange that you have to feel sorry for Taisumov. No messing around from Yamasaki. Stann since clarifies the point deduction was after a warning for grabbing the cage, which turned into the deduction for illegal kick.
Cooper scores round 1 10-8 Prazeres.

Round 2 - Crazy start to the round! Taisumov lands a kick which Prazeres counters nicely with a big hook that staggers the Austrian. Then Taisumov somehow ends up on top and lands some nice ground and pound. He’s standing while Prazeres is in his guard, but not interesting in following him there. Yamasaki stands them up. A tentative minute or so on the feet, and Taisumov once again grabs the fence after a takedown attempt by Prazeres. ANOTHER POINT DEDUCTION! Damn. This is crazy. Taisumov really needs a finish now, two point deductions and losing the first round anyway. He was apologetic but no excuses for that. Big head kick by Prazeres, Taisumov is picking up more speed though. A nice hook by Prazeres, followed by a big right as Taisumov comes in. The Brazilian is pushing forward and landing some clean shots on his opponent. Surprising to see the lack of urgency by Taisumov, Prazeres is winning this round also. A nice front kick by Taisumov but doesn’t follow it up. Another nice head kick by Prazeres, the more fluid striker of the two. The round ends, and Taisumov needs a big comeback because winning the third isn’t even enough to get a draw.
Cooper scores round 2 10-8 Prazeres.

Round 3 - Taisumov is trying to land that front kick too much, it’s not effective when so telegraphed. Prazeres tries to get a takedown but fails, and they go back to the feet. Taisumov having a little more success, but nothing significant. Prazeres gets the clinch again and has his opponent against the cage. Almost drags him to the ground but isn’t able to. Crazy, another warning about grabbing the cage but no point deduction this time. One more and Taisumov will be disqualified. It’s obviously instinctual, but you can’t get away with that in the big leagues. Taisumov needs to do more if he wants to win this fight. A huge uppercut but Prazeres eats it like it’s nothing. Another uppercut grazes the chin of the Brazilian. Prazeres tries a takedown attempt, stuffed once again and Taisumov pushing forward with a lot of urgency. A nice left-right combination by Taisumov. He goes to grab the fence again! Damn. Prazeres gets the takedown, and moves into the mount. Taisumov looks like he’s giving up at the stage. Another escape into guard, however, but Prazeres winning this round after a pretty insignificant first four minutes. They’re back to their feet but Taisumov isn’t showing much urgency. Big right by Prazeres who is pushing forward in the later seconds of this round. Taisumov is just holding Prazeres in the clinch, no urgency whatsoever. Stupid decision-making, and you must feel for Roger Huerta in Taisumov’s corner who is really urging him to do more. That round could go either way, but Prazeres will be victorious.
Cooper scores round 3 10-9 Prazeres (30-25 Prazeres).

Result: Prazeres via unanimous decision (30-25 x3).

Rony Jason vs. Steven Siler

Solid featherweight fight to start the main card, both fighters need a win to stay relevant. Both have finishing power and bring it every time. Potential fight/performance of the night.

Round 1 - Jason sporting some questionable hair. Siler pushing forward and unloading some nice kicks early. He’s the rangier guy. Jason catches him with a couple of nice jabs, but he’s the less technical of the two. Big right by Jason followed by a big left and Siler is down! Referee steps in, early stoppage. Don’t like that one bit. He didn’t give him enough time at all. But Jason has the victory, and Siler is back to the drawing board. Replay shows that Siler had his wits with him and attempted an up kick. Terrible stoppage.

Result: Jason via TKO (punches) at 1:17 in first round.


Preliminary Card


Ronny Markes vs. Thiago Santos

Markes came in 4lbs overweight for this fight, a big mistake for a guy who needs a win here after losing his last fight due to cardio issues. Santos is a big middleweight himself who also needs a win after losing his first UFC fight after less than a minute, but he made weight with relative ease.

Round 1 - Huge body kick by Santos! First strike of the fight after 30 seconds! He drops Markes and swarms on him with punches! Nothing else to that one. 30 seconds of feelers, then Santos hits Markes with a huge kick to the liver out of nowhere, and that’s all she wrote. +660 underdog Santos gets the victory, and Markes will probably be cut after losing two in a row and failing to make weight. That was a beautiful technique by Santos and the fans are silent.

Result: Santos via TKO (liver kick & punches) at 0:53 in the first round.

Jussier Formiga vs. Scott Jorgensen

Two fighters battling for flyweight relevancy, Formiga ranked #7 and Jorgensen ranked #13. They need to rebound from recent losses, but they’re both very talented and this should be a fun fight.

Round 1 - Big right to start the round by Jorgensen. He’s looking very crisp here in the early going. Takedown attempt by Formiga stuffed easily by Jorgensen. Nice combinations by Jorgensen, and they’re in the clinch exchanging trip attempts but nothing happens. Nice left by Jorgensen, he’s really unloading on Jussier. More clinch work, but nothing notable. He’s offering a nice short uppercut. Missed spinning back kick attempt by Formiga. Jorgensen constantly moving forward and he’s looking a whole load better than the Makovsky fight. A big knee by Formiga though, followed by a nice 1-2. An unfortunate headbutt there and Jorgensen falls to the ground. Formiga follows him up and gets the back of Jorgensen, very unfortunate development there. Formiga has both hooks in and has him flattened out briefly! He has his arm under the neck! He forces the tap! Big win for Formiga, but unfortunate how that all came about.

Result: Formiga via submission (rear naked choke) at 3:07 in first round.

Thiago Perpétuo vs. Kenny Robertson

Both fighters need a win here; Robertson is 1-2 in his last three, Perpétuo lost his last fight via devastating TKO.

Round 1 - Damn Perpétuo is one of the scariest looking dudes at welterweight, making his 170lbs debut here. Big head kick by Robertson but Perpétuo gets him to the ground, Robertson has butterfly guard and reverses the position in a crafty escape. Robertson gets back to his feet, a beautiful little sweep there and then a takedown of his own from the clinch. He’s looking great here. Big ground and pound and he’s opened Perpétuo up. Robertson in the mount and landing big elbows. Perpétuo gives up his back, bad position for him. He’s got both hooks in and he has him arm under the neck! A tap by Perpétuo! Big win for Robertson after a bit of adversity. Experience was the key in that one.

Result: Robertson via submission (rear naked choke) at 1:45 in first round.

Francimar Barroso vs. Hans Stringer

Stringer has a fair bit of hype coming into his UFC debut, while Barroso was successful in his first Octagon appearance.

Round 1 - Barroso catches a kick by Stringer and gets him to the mat. He’s striking him with leg kicks while Stringer on his back, odd approach by the Brazilian. Yamasaki stands them up. Stringer pushing forward and catches Barroso with a big right and drops him! He’s in his guard now unloading some big ground and pound. Barroso active off his back, but he’s getting caught with some big shots by Stringer. Some beautiful elbows by Hans. He passes to half guard and continues offloading, he’s really getting better of the Brazilian early who isn’t even attempting to get up. Some huge shots by Stringer! It’ll be interesting to see if he punches himself out though because he’s not really landing combinations. Barroso finally gets him off, and they’re back to their feet. Stringer catches a body kick and gets Barroso up against the fence with double undercooks. A beautiful trip and he’s got Barroso’s back briefly. They’re standing once again, with Stringer pushing forward as he has done this whole round. Barroso is offering nothing for him and Stringer looks the much more comfortable fighter. A small cut underneath the eye of Barroso as a result of them Stringer elbows. Not enough significant output for a 10-8, but solid round by the Dutchman.
Cooper scores round 1 10-9 Stringer.

Round 2 - Barroso starts the round with some lovely leg kicks, then hits Stringer with a body kick. He’s showing more urgency here. Stringer gets the clinch though and is controlling the Brazilian against the cage, but offering little offence in this position. Barroso reverses the position and lands some knees to the thighs of the Dutchman. They break away and a nice kick to the body of Stringer. Stringer makes a mistake and Barroso ends up on top in the Dutch fighter’s ground, much better looking round for the Brazilian so far. They book look very tired and we’re not even half way through the second round. Butterfly guard by Stringer and he attempts a sloppy triangle but works his way up after. More clinch work, and this is a gruelling fight for two tired 205ers. Trip attempt blocked by Stringer. And Barroso blocks a trip attempt by Stringer. They’re back to their feet and the Dutchman is pushing forward and attempts a sloppy takedown which is easily stuffed and reversed into a takedown attempt by Barroso, also blocked. Neither are having much success in this round. Big left by Barroso attempted and he’s just trying one shot at a time now, evidently exhausted. Huge uppercut by Barroso, absolutely beautiful technique. He needs to follow these up though, throwing one laboured shot at a time isn’t working as effectively as a big combination would. Good round by the Brazilian however. We’re even going into the third.
Cooper scores round 2 10-9 Barroso.

Round 3 - Stringer pushing forward again, but both are so tired in this one. It all depends on who has the bigger heart. Very telegraphed strike attempts by Barroso which are easily avoided by the more technical Stringer. Neither are impressing too much. Nice combination by Stringer, he seems to have more in the gas tank. Stringer clinches after a combination attempt, this may be the key to victory for him as he’s doing well up close. Not much action going on, but Stringer is clearly winning this round. Yamasaki breaks up the action and Barroso has his arms down in exhaustion. The kick game from Barroso is the only effective aspect he’s been implementing in this fight, and Stringer is easily getting initiating the clinch. This is a really sloppy round between two sub-par fighters. Both certainly need to work on their cardio for future fights, this isn’t nice to watch. Both fighters are offering very laboured attacks with little success. More clinch work, and more Stringer control. A big takedown by Barroso! That could be enough for him. Just 30 seconds remaining, and that was a big takedown for him. He just stays in the guard and does little in there, but that could have been enough. I personally think Stringer did more in the third, but Brazilian judges man…
Cooper scores round 3 10-9 Stringer (29-28 Stringer).

Result: Stringer via split decision (29-28 x2, 28-29)

Godofredo Pepey vs. Noad Lahat

Round 1 - Lahat pushing forward early and Pepey is throwing caution to the wind, missing with everything. A failed clinch attempt by Lahat, who seems the more calm and collected of the two. Some nice leg kicks so far, and hats off to the Brazilian fans for their atmosphere. Pepey stumbles and Lahat seems to have hurt him here. A solid jab by Pepey, he’s doing better with technical strikes. They exchange knees in the clinch and Pepey has Lahat up against the fence. Lahat is having the better of these early exchanges, and just as I say that Pepey briefly drops Lahat with a big right! That’s better by Pepey. HUGE FLYING KNEE! Lahat is out! THAT WAS HUGE! A one strike knockout. The knee and it is all over. Huge by Pepey. Lahat was looking the better of the two to start the fight, but Pepey turned that all around with one flying knee. Highlight reel knockout, and he’s going to be around in the UFC for a little longer.

Result: Pepey via knockout (flying knee) at 2:39 in first round.

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