Defiant Fighting Championships: Fighting For a Cause


On April 12th a new organization will step into the game of amateur fighting. Defiant Fighting Championships will host its first event ever in the Event Center in San Antonio, but for its debut, it won’t be your typical MMA showcase. DFC has joined up with Richard Marcinko and will host the next installment of the Rogue Warrior Series.

Marcinko is a highly decorated military veteran who was the first commanding officer of Seal Team Six and Red Cell. He then tried his hand in MMA putting on shows across the nation. In his Rogue warrior series the fighters are all active military and it places the different branches of the military against each other. The entire show is centered around the U.S. military, even the ring girls which go by “Rogue Angels” are each dedicated to a different branch.

DFC is owned by Stanley Birlka, a former member of the military himself, he is long time fan of the sport who can remember renting UFC 1, 2, and 3 on VHS tapes (kids ask your parents what those are) and instantly developing a love for the sport. Birkla has always had that competitive nature in him, in school he played baseball, football and ran track, but he believes that fighting is the purest type of competition there is. That was one of the reasons he decided to give amateur fighters an outlet to compete and showcase their skills. But that’s not where Stanley’s generosity ends, being a former member of the United States Army he holds military personnel in the highest regards and is looking to give back with DFC’s first show.

We started DFC as a way to give amateur combat sports athletes an outlet to pursue their dreams. It’s expensive for an amateur athlete to train and travel and we want to help. We plan on providing money to amateur wrestling, boxing, jui jitsu and other combat athletes through our proceeds as well as donating to help military veterans and their families.

The charity that will benefit from the event is the Stars and Stripes Foundation, a non-profit organization that aides wounded veterans and helps them re-acclimate to society. The foundation actually has written into its bylaws that no staff member gets a paycheck, 100% of all fundraising efforts go to the wounded men and women who fought for our country.

Another big player in DFC is a familiar face in MMA, Paul “The Headhunter “ Buentello, is on the board of directors and is one of the investors in the company. The two met several years ago while training at Bastos BJJ in Midland, TX. The two developed a good friendship and eventually the business partnership as well. I asked Mr.Birkla what working with Paul was like and to that he jokingly replied

I’m his b***h he makes me do a lot of stupid stuff like carry his bags and drink shots people try to buy for him.

So clearly it’s not a one sided partnership which is always great to see.But all joking aside it’s a very commendable thing that Stanley, Paul, and the entire DFC team are doing and it promises to be a great night of fights and patriotism. For updates on the event you can check out their Facebook page “Defiant FC” and I will post a finalized fight card when it becomes available.


Thanks to Stanley Birkla for taking the time to talk to me about his new organization. I look forward to watching the fights and seeing how their first show unfolds. I wish him and his promotion great success in the future. Follow me on twitter @jlorenty and the website @cagepagesfs

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