Amateur Report: Andrea "KGB" Lee

Andrea Lee


Andrea “KGB” Lee might not be a name everyone is familiar with, but that’s going to change in the not so distant future. Andrea Lee is an amateur MMA fighter from Bossier City, LA that’s ready to take the women’s MMA scene by storm.

Lee is a relative late bloomer when it comes to combat sports. While there are fighters that have trained in certain martial arts their entire lives Andrea started when she was 19 years old. As a waitress at Buffalo Wild Wings Andrea was intrigued with the UFC fights they showed regularly on Saturday nights and as she put it “I had no direction or long term goals so I decided to give MMA a try.” Getting punched in the face for a living isn’t exactly something people just decide to try on a whim, but turns out she was quite good at it.

Finding a gym to train at with no previous experience was a tougher task then she had anticipated but eventually she joined Donny Aaron at Karate Mafia. In just a short time from joining the gym she traded in serving up wings for serving up some serious beat downs. MMA wasn’t the first thing Lee went to, she competed in amateur Muay Thai and boxing before making the transition to the cage. She has a combined record of 25-5 which includes MMA, Muay Thai and boxing.

When she’s not in the cage Andrea has plenty to keep her busy. In her short period of time as a martial artist she won a national Golden Gloves boxing title, three national Muay Thai titles, and won her division in the 2013 Europa Games BJJ and No Gi Grappling Championships. To add to the already impressive list of achievements she has also won the flyweight title in both Ascend Combat and V3 promotions. When asked which one is she the most proud of she chose one she had not recently mentioned.

I really have accomplished a lot in the different martial arts disciplines, but I think being chosen as a member of the U.S. National Kickboxing Team is my proudest accomplishment. I make my debut as a U.S. team member this summer in Canada

With being such an accomplished athlete comes some frustration for Lee. Time and time again she has been scheduled for an amateur fight only to have her opponent drop out then replaced several times. Injuries are all too common in this sport but Lee has a different explanation of her own.

They are quick to take the fight without doing much research on me. After they start to see my boxing, Muay Thai and BJJ accomplishments they most often back out. I’ve lost over a dozen opponents in the last year

That problem might be coming to an end soon for Lee. Her credentials, attitude, and fighting style have caught the attention of professional MMA promotion Xtreme Fighting Championships and she has recently signed a contract to make her pro debut later this year. The XFC has produced popular female fighters such as Felice Herrig and Carla Esparza and Lee hopes to add her name to the list. With her attitude on how she approaches fights she might not be too far removed.

Regardless of who they put in front of me my aim is the same, knockout or submission, no decisions. I truly believe I’m one of the best finishers out there in women’s MMA. I’ve got that switch that you either have or you don’t, and when I flip it decisions are not very likely.

Before she makes her pro debut she still has some amateur business to attend to aside from the kickboxing scheduled this summer she still has a few amateur MMA fights scheduled. One of which is coming up later this month.

I do have a fight coming up in a couple of weeks. It will be one of my last 3 or 4 ammy fights so I have no problem staying focused. I refuse to take a loss before my pro debut, and each time I go out I do so with tenacity. The real problem in staying focused is how often my opponents drop out

With such an accomplished career so far it’s easy to see that Andrea “KGB” Lee will have a promising future in the sport and if she continues to finish her opponents as she has in her amateur career she might be exactly what women’s MMA needs.

Andrea can be seen in action next on April 18 in Austin TX where she will compete for yet another title in the Belts of Honorious promotion. We here at Cage Pages wish her the best of luck on the fight and her future in the sport. Don’t forget to follow the website on Twitter @cagepagesfs and myself @Jlorenty

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