Watch this insane 5-on-5 MMA fight hosted by Team FC

Yeah, you read the title correctly. Team FC have pitted a 5-on-5 mixed martial arts fight, which comes after other regional MMA promotions experimented with similar ideas. While there have been tag team MMA fights and triple threat MMA fights, 5-on-5 is a whole ‘nother deal.

This is one of them videos where I struggle to find the words to add to the post, and it really does need to be watched to be believed. The promotion, Team FC, captioned the video ‘Fight 1′, suggesting that there may be many more to come. The name of their promotion also suggests the very same.

Team LPH of Poznan, Poland square off with Wisemen of Gotheburg, Sweden in this insane clip. Check out for full videos from their inaugural card, though registration to the site is needed to gain access.

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