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Nick Diaz Tells Roy Jones Jr to Buy Out His Contract

Nick Diaz was in attendance at the Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley II fight on Saturday at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, and was interviewed by Marcos Villegas of the Boxing Channel. As always, Nick was not shy in holding back his thoughts, as he recently told Ariel Helwani of that he would not fight for less than $500,000.

Diaz voiced his desire for somebody—specifically boxing legend and current HBO colour commentator, Roy Jones Jr.—to buy out his current UFC contract, so he could go and compete in boxing. In the past, both Nick Diaz and Roy Jones Jr. have expressed the desire to fight each other in a boxing ring.

“If I could get somebody to buy my contract out from the UFC, I’d be fighting too out here [boxing],” Diaz said.

“Tell those guys [Roy Jones Jr.] to buy out my contract so we can fight. Get a real fight.”

Nick Diaz has competed in one pro boxing fight in his career–a 4-round unanimous decision victory over Alfonso Rocha back in 2005. Diaz, who has sparred in the past with boxers such as pound-for-pound great Andre Ward, also expressed his desire to have a boxing match this year, and would compete at the super middleweight class.

“I’d like to fight at 167 if it was in boxing, but it’s whatever. I’ve had one pro fight. I’ve have a lot of boxing experience of course, worked with a lot of different fighters. But of course sparring is different than fighting, but hey, I’d love to see what I can do. I’d love to get something going here, trying to working something of course, for this year.”

Despite all the boxing talk, Nick Diaz still would like to compete in MMA and fight for the UFC welterweight title against Johny Hendricks, but only if the UFC is willing to renegotiate his current contract.

“I’d like to fight for the world title, against Johny Hendricks,” Diaz said. “but these guys [UFC] are like–they’re kinda holding out. I’m trying to maybe renegotiate my contract, see about trying to renegotiate some fights for this year. But I don’t know what will happen, maybe nothing. That’s fine though. Either way I can’t complain, I’ve had a good run, what I did. I’ve already had 37 fights pro, but of course I would like to make a boxing run, see how I do.”

“I know who’s who and what’s what, and what they’re capable of. I’d love to make  a run. But of course I’m with the UFC right now. So it’s always up to Dana White. It’s always up to who’s got the real money. So you know we’ll see, whatever I’m always game, you know I’m game.”

“Of course I’m ready this year, I’ve had plenty of nice, good healing time. Time off has been good, I get to see what’s what. I have a little more understanding of what’s going on in the world, so [I'm a] whole new man, whole new man.”

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