Dana White: TUF Brazil 3 Brawl Caused Wanderlei Silva Injury

Dana White confirms that the fight between TUF Brazil 3 coaches and bitter rivals, Wanderlei Silva (35-12-1, 1 NC) and Chael Sonnen (28-14-1) will be happening, but was postponed due to the now infamous brawl that happened on the show–which caused an injury to Wanderlei Silva. The fight originally scheduled for the TUF Brazil 3 finale on May 31st in Sao Paulo, was moved to UFC 175 on July 5 in Las Vegas.

“Yeah that fight’s going to happen,” White said during the TUF Nations finale post-fight media scrum. “What happened was Wanderlei got hurt in that fight. He got double legged on the concrete and he hurt his back, and hurt his hand punching Chael in the head and he got injured. So he couldn’t fight on time because he got injured f—-ing coaching the show.”

Dana doesn’t so much place the blame on the two fighters for the incident, rather he blames the production and people surrounding the scuffle that just let it happen.

“I’m done being angry now, I was angry when it happened. I mean what are you going to do. They’re grown men. They’re grown men getting in each others face. I’m more pissed off at the people that were standing around, producing, filming.”

The two fighters have had a heated rivalry dating back to 2011 when Wanderlei Silva confronted Sonnen–regarding the words he had about Brazil and the Nogueira brothers–in a van ride during a trip for the UFC. The two rivals finally came to a clash when during the taping of The Ultimate Fighter Brazil 3, Wanderlei and Chael got into a scuffle in front of the cameras during one of the episodes.

“They’re a bunch of idiots in the media and internet that are saying that thing was contrived, that was far from contrived. That was a disgusting display of what shouldn’t happen, and if I was there it would have never happened. The fact that there was other people, even people holding cameras in that place and let that happen is beyond belief. And then the kid that runs in and sucker punches Chael from behind. It’s as bad as it can get.”

For now, the two coaches are scheduled to meet at UFC 175 in July, and they will finally settle the score–this time inside the octagon, pending a full recovery by Wanderlei Silva from his injury.

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