Wanderlei Silva Stands Against Racism and Chael Sonnen

The war of words between rivals Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen continue, as the Brazilian posted a video on YouTube Tuesday detailing his dislike for the American, calling him a racist.

The video starts off showing clips of the many sound bites Chael Sonnen provided in interviews and press conferences that include his remarks about Brazil, Brazilian people, and women. This is followed by Wanderlei Silva speaking to the camera in Portuguese (with English subtitles) about why he hates Chael Sonnen. And in the video Wanderlei urges the Brazilian fans to stand against Sonnen and his comments.

“This is not a joke. This is not comedy. This guy is making jokes about domestic violence about guys beating up girls,” Silva said. “He calls women whores. He says we are all filthy people in our country.”

“That makes me angry because that’s not promotion and that’s not a joke.”

“We are being discriminated against and shamed. He’s a criminal, he shouldn’t be getting all this media attention and profiting from our country.”

“I can’t let go of what he said about the people from Brazil, the Brazilian women and the Brazilian children.”

“And I won’t let a racist jerk come around saying a bunch of bad things about us.”

“In the end I just want to make each of you understand how valuable you are,” Silva told the Brazilian people.


The two fighters were opposing coaches on the 3rd season of The Ultimate Fighter Brazil–which is currently airing on Globo TV in Brazil and on UFC Fight Pass. Wanderlei also explained his behavior on TUF Brazil, and why he refused to be friendly with Sonnen during the tapings.

“I felt like it was my mission to defend our country. I am in that TUF Brazil defending our country,” Wanderlei said. “I was showing my revolt. I was telling him that I wasn’t going to be his friend. I told him that it was worthless for him to try to be nice in front of the cameras. Because I would not be fooled.”

“I can’t film the entire show being nice to him and shaking his hand. Do you think that would have been right? Should I support all the preconception and discrimination he practiced against our country? I can’t do that.”

The feud between Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen will finally come to a head as the two are scheduled to meet in the cage at UFC 175 in Las Vegas, to settle things.

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