ONE FC 15: Rise of Heroes Results, Bibiano Fernandes Defends Bantamweight Title 5-Round Decision over Masakatsu Ueda

One Fighting Championship held their 3rd event in the country of Philippines, ONE FC 15 took place Friday evening in Manila at the SN Mall of Asia Arena. With 9 fights on the card, headlined by a ONE FC bantamweight title fight between champion Bibiano Fernandes (15-3) and challenger Masakatsu Ueda (18-2-2), two f the top bantamweights in the world and both undefeated 3-0 in One FC.

Bibiano Fernandes defends bantamweight title in 5-round decision over Ueda

“The Flash” Bibiano Fernandes made the first defense of his bantamweight title, after successfully unifying the belt by defeating Soo Chul Kim at ONE FC 10. While the former Shooto featherweight champion, Masakatsu Ueda fought and earned this title shot the hard way, defeating Min Jung Song, Jens Pulver, and Kevin Belingon to win the ONE FC bantamweight Grand Prix.

Fernandes came out looking for the takedown, clinched up with Ueda and was separated briefly by the referee. The southpaw Ueda looked to land the overhand left on the feet, but Fernandes caught a kick and took Ueda down. Transitioning to mount, and quickly taking the back of Ueda to end the 1st round, Fernandes living up to his nickname ‘The Flash’ on the ground.

Unwavered by the takedown in round 1, Ueda continued to throw his left kick to the body and head of Bibiano Fernandes and found success in the stand up in round 2. Fernandes continued to march forward exchanging single blows with Ueda, in round 3 landed a flurry of punches that staggered Ueda on the feet. ‘The Flash’ displayed much superior hand speed to his Japanese opponent, landing first and without retaliation from Ueda. Again Fernandes mounted and took the back of Ueda to end round 3, once again Ueda defended the rear naked choke attempt.

Bibiano’s left eye began to noticeably swell up after the 3rd round, which became a target for Ueda, continuing to land the lead right jab in round 4. Knowing that he was down on the judges scorecards, Masakatsu Ueda attempted to push the action in the 5th. Fernandes used his strikes to set up a takedown, and took the back of Ueda for a 3rd time in the fight. This time Ueda scrambled to escape and get back to his feet, where Fernandes shortly got it back down to the mat, ending the fight.

Bibiano Fernandes successfully defended his title taking the unanimous decision over a very game Masakatsu Ueda.

Bibiano Fernandes revealed post-fight that he suffered an injury to his leg during the 2nd round.

“In the 2nd round, I think I feel maybe I broke my leg, it’s pretty messed up now,” Fernandes said.

“If it was 3 rounds for sure I would give everything I have, but no it’s 5 rounds,” Fernandes added, on the difficulty to finish Ueda on the ground.


The Filipino fans in attendance also had a lot to cheer about on this evening as their country men and women went a perfect 5-0 on the card.

Eduard Folayang makes a case for a title shot with dominant performance over former champ

In the co-main event feature, home countryman Eduard Folayang (13-4) took on former One FC lightweight champion Kotetsu Boku (21-9-2). Both fighters came out cautious to start, Folayang the aggressor, landing a big double leg takedown on Boku. Back on the feet, Boku was reluctant to engage against the heavy handed striker, which allowed Folayang to continuously land huge kicks to the body and legs, while not having to worry about any counters that Boku may throw.

In the clinch, Folayang pulled guard for a guillotine choke attempt, that Boku defended easily and as a result ended up on top. But Folayang’s strength was apparent in the fight as he was able to out muscle Boku in the clinch. Folayang continued to land heavy strikes in the 3rd round, dropping Boku with a right hook. Boku finally showed a sense of urgency in the final minute of the fight, but it was too late. Eduardo Folayang capped off a perfect night for the Filipino fighters on the card, winning by a ‘landslide’ on the judges scorecards.

Rey Docyogen earns first One FC victory with strong performance

Josh Alvarez (12-6) drops to flyweight after having his 5-fight win streak snapped in his One FC debut, and meets the Philippines’ Rey Docyogen (10-2), who was still looking for his 1st ONE FC win in his 3rd appearance. Alvarez got a hold of Docyogen’s back early standing, but Docyogen scrambled to escape, and reversed things by taking Alvarez down and taking his back on the mat in round 1.

Momentum began to turn in favor of Docyogen in round 2, as he defended the takedown attempts of Alvarez and began to land a variety of strikes on the feet–throwing his shots with everything behind them. Docyogen continued to land heavy shots at the start of round 3, but got a little too wild as an uppercut to the groin of Alvarez paused the action. When it resumed, Alvarez took Docyogen down, however the Filipino fighter escaped and wound up on top to end the round, delivering strikes on top. Rey Docyogen took the decision to win his first fight in One FC.

Rob Lisita evens the score in rematch with Kawanago

Veteran featherweights Rob Lisita (13-5) and Yusuke Kawanago (13-3-2) met for a 2nd time in their careers, first in the ONE FC cage, in a rematch of their 2012 fight at Legend FC 10, where Kawanago walked away with the unanimous decision victory. Lisita would exact his revenge quickly, following a wild exchange, Lisita landed a left hook as Kawanago was coming in to throw a knee. The punch dropped Kawanago, Lisita pounced with follow up punches and that was it at just 28 seconds.

Rob Listia proceeded to ask for a title shot on the mic post-fight with commentator Jason Chambers in the cage.

James McSweeney lands flying knee knockout in ONE FC debut

A matchup of heavyweight kickboxers, Brit James McSweeney (12-11) faced Aussie Chris Lokteff (12-1). With a combined 16 knockouts in 24 victories, these two fighters lived up to the billing. Lokteff threw all his strikes with 100% power looking for the knockout, while McSweeney remained light on his feet, throwing kicks and avoiding the heavy shots of Lokteff. A body kick, straight right, followed by a jumping knee knocked out Lokteff in the first round. Beautiful sequence to finish.

Leandro Ataides remains undefeated with a 1st minute knockout

Japanese veteran, Tatsuya Mizuno (12-9) took on the undefeated Leandro Ataides (6-0) in middleweight action. The BJJ world champion Ataides came out looking to throw bombs. Pushingforward chasing Mizuno and landing wide looping left and right hooks on the button, first rocking Mizuno then dropping him for the knockout in just 47 seconds.

Pro Boxer Ana Julaton successful in MMA debut

Women in the flyweight division opened the main card with pro boxer Ana Julaton making her MMA debut, against Aya Saeid Saber (2-3). The two fighters exchanged takedowns in round 1, with Saber sweeping Julaton into mount at one point, but would get reversed back into guard. On the feet, the Filipino American, Ana Julaton’s boxing gave her an apparent advantage, closing the distance and landing her hands on the chin of Saber. However the majority of the fight would be spent on the mat, as Aya Saeid Saber went for a guillotine choke late in round 2, that was defended by Julaton.

Saber took advantage of a wide looping hook missed by Julaton in the 3rd, but the referee with a quick trigger, stood them back up after a brief moment on the ground. Julaton capatalized on the stand up, taking down Saber, right into mount and opened up a barrage of ground and pound, getting the stoppage in the final minute of the fight.

Eugene Toquero hands prospect Gianni Subba his first career loss

Undefeated flyweight prospect, 21 year old Gianni Subba (3-0) has his momentum halted in his 4th fight in ONE FC, against the Philippines’ Eugene Toquero (4-1). The fight started off with a delay, as a low kick by Toquero landed to the groin of Subba early in round 1. Toquero proved to be the stronger wrestler taking down Subba in round 1, and controlling him in the clinch. Subba had a role reversal in round 2, taking down Toquero, but would eventually get swept and remain on his back for the duration of the round. A close fight ended with competitive 3rd round, that saw an exchange of takedowns, with Toquero eventually edging it out on the scorecards.

Pro Boxer Jujeath Nagaowa victorious in her MMA debut

The card kicked off with a fight in the women’s atomweight division, between Jeet Toshi (2-1) and hometown favourite, boxing champion Jujeath Nagaowa (0-0) making her pro MMA debut. The pro boxer surprised by taking Toshi down early and often in the fight, delivering ground and pound from the top position. Round 2, Nagaowa switched things ups and began to land continuously unanswered combinations at close distance to the head and body of a fading Jeet Toshi, eventually forcing a stoppage from the referee.


Full ONE FC 15 Results:

Main Card (8 PM local / 8 AM EST,
ONE FC Bantamweight title: Bibiano Fernandes def. Masakatsu Ueda via Unanimous Decision
Eduard Folayang def. Kotetsu Boku via Unanimous Decision
Rey Docyogen def. Joshua Alvarez via Unanimous Decision
Rob Lisita def. Yusuke Kawanago via TKO (punches)–Round 1, 0:28
James McSweeney def. Chris Lokteff via Knockout (flying knee)–Round 1, 1:56
Leandro Ataides def. Tatsuya Mizuno via TKO (strikes)–Round 1, 0:47
Ana Julaton def. Aya Saeid Saber via TKO (ground and pound)–Round 3, 4:01

Preliminary Card (7 PM local / 7 AM EST,
Eugene Toquero def. Gianni Subba via Unanimous Decision
Jujeath Nagaowa def. Jeet Toshi via TKO (strikes)–Round 2, 1:17

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