Bellator 119 Results: Daniel Weichel submits Desmond Green to win tournament

Rama, Ontario—Bellator headed north of the border for their penultimate event of season 10, returning to Canada for the first time since 2012. Bellator 119 held at the Casino Rama Venue in Rama, Ontario on Friday, May 9th. The headliner featured the culmination of the season 10 featherweight tournament, from 8-fighters down to the two finalists, Desmond Green (11-2) and Daniel Weichel (33-8)–to determine the next title contender to challenge the winner of Pat Curran and Patricio “Pitbull” Freire.

Both Green and Weichel may have taken different routes to get to their destination, but both ended up in the finals and competing for the featherweight title shot. After losing his Bellator debut, Green won 3-straight including defeating Mike Richman and Will Martinez in the tournament. While the former M-1 Global lightweight champion, Daniel Weichel competed the majority of his bouts in Europe, made his Bellator debut in February and proceeded to defeat Scott Cleve and Matt Bessette in the quarter and semifinals.

Daniel Weichel submits Desmond Green to win Bellator featherweight tournament

Des Green started light on his feet pumping out the jab, gradually workin towards throwing and landing a 1-2 combination on Weichel. The German Weichel fired back with straight rights of his own, backing up Des. Midway through the 1st, Weichel shot for a takedown that was easily stuffed by Green. One minute left in the round, Green scored a double leg takedown, Weichel popped back up but Des got control of his back standing.

Weichel countered a front kick thrown by Green by landing an overhand right that momentarily rocked him, Green quickly gathered his senses by taking the fight to the ground. Weichel continued to open up on the feet, after scrambling to get back up. Forcing Green to shoot for the takedown, Weichel defended, circled to take Green’s back and caught him in a rear naked choke for the tap.

“Almost no words, this is a dream come true. I worked so hard with my entire team, my spirit, my family is in my corner. It is a dream to be here in Bellator, just amazing,” Weichel said after the fight.

“We’re always trying to go for the finish and when I see the submission I go for it.”


A pair of bouts, including the original headliner and middleweight tournament finals, were postponed just one week before the event due to injury and visa issues, resulting in 9 total fights on the card.

Of course being in Canada, a plethora of Canadian fighters were on display competing on the card including household names: John Alessio and Chris Horodecki, leading a total of 10 Canadians on Bellator 119.


John Alessio snaps 3-fight losing streak, earns first Bellator win

In the co-main event, John Alessio (34-17) returns after suffering a loss to eventual tournament winner Will Brooks in his Bellator debut, looking to snap a 3-fight losing streak—for the first time in his 51-fight career—that dates back to 2012. He took on a fellow veteran Eric Wisely (22-8) in 160 lb catchweight bout, also making his 2nd appearance in Bellator–victorious over Donnie Bell in his debut, and riding a 3-fight win streak.

Wisely circling the cage, staying outside of Alessio’s range to start, Alessio would close the distance, get a hold and take him to the ground. In Wisely’s guard, Alessio delivered ground and pound with elbows, remained heavy on top for the entire 1st round.

The smaller Eric Wisely began round 2 the same way, circling the cage and landing a couple of leg kicks on Alessio, using his speed. The speed played a factor in the round as Alessio was unable to land strikes on the feet, while Wisely continued to be elusive. Minimal strikes landed in the round, as Alessio was able to catch up to Wisely, who was the slightly busier fighter.

Alessio quickly was in pursuit of the takedown as round 3 started, rushing Wisely against the fence and grabbing a hold of him–taking him to the mat with a single leg. Alessio remained in half-guard on top of Wisely, gave him no room to move and grinded out the 3rd round.

John Alessio took the unanimous decision, snapping a 3-fight losing streak and earning his first win in over 2 years.


Marius Zaromskis a ‘Whitemare’ for Vaughn Anderson

Former a Canadian resident, Vaughn Anderson (16-2) who trains out of Thailand and lives in China, makes his Canadian debut, fighting for the first time in his career, against former DREAM welterweight champion, Marius Zaromskis (19-8), who is coming off a 15-month layoff after suffering back to back losses in Bellator tournaments.

Anderson started as the aggressor in the standup, forcing Zaromskis to back up. Despite pushing forward, Anderson was the one getting hit often early, Zaromskis connected several times with a 1-2 combination, then proceeded to open up. This led to the southpaw Anderson dropping him momentarily with a straight counter left hand. “The Whitemare” answered back dropping Anderson with a body shot near the end of the 1st round.

Zaromskis began to match Anderson’s aggression in round 2, landing a left head kick early in the round. A close exchange resulted in an accidental groin kick by Marius. The Lithuania started to consistently find a home for his strikes, including outside leg kicks and a flying knee, twice–showcasing his arsenal of strikes. The outside leg kicks began to take a toll on Anderson’s right lead leg in the round, which presented the opportunity for head kicks.

Beaming with confidence in his striking now in the 3rd, Zaromskis finished a 1-2 combination with a head kick. Continued to repeatedly land leg kicks, while Vaughn Anderson shows his toughness to remain on the feet, the fight quickly became one-sided in favor of Zaromskis.

Marius Zaromskis took the unanimous decision, snapping a 2-fight losing streak.


Butler and Rossborough fight to a majority draw following illegal headbutt

The opening bout on the Spike TV main card pitted heavyweights, former pro boxer Raphael Butler (8-0), undefeated in Bellator, all 3 wins coming by 1st round knockout, against the Jeremy Horn trained Nick Rossborough (23-18), making his Bellator debut.

The two heavyweights came out looking to trade heavy leather, Butler catching Rossborough with a flurry, and would land a takedown while Rossborough was backing up. In half-guard, Butler landing ground and pound with elbows. Butler let Rossborough back up, where Nick caught him with a counter left hook, dropping the former boxer. Rossborough capitalized by taking the back of Butler and fished for the rear naked choke, with both hooks in. With Nick on his back, Butler launched his head backwards and headbutted him, leading to a stoppage in action. Referee takes a point from Butler for the illegal blow. But the fight would restart standing, where Rossborough caught and dazed Butler with a left hook followed by a flurry of punches.

Raphael Butler wasted no time making up for losing the 1st round, marched forward and landed left and right hooks while Rossborough was against the cage. Butler again took Rossborough down into half guard, exhausted from the 1st round, Rossborough was pinned with his feet up against the fence and could not get Butler off him.

A clearly exhausted Rossborough threw and whiffed on an overhand right, Butler ducked under and took him down. Butler transitioned to side control, where he threw short punches to the body of Rossborough, from there the fight would reach its end.

The judges decision ruled it a majority draw, with one judge scoring it 28-27 in favor of Butler.


Preliminary Card

Chris Horodecki (20-4-1) vs. Marlon Sandro (24-5-1)

Chris Horodecki returned to Bellator for the first time since 2012, and making his featherweight debut against tournament finalist, Marlon Sandro. Both fighters started cautious in the standup, Horodecki looking to counter. Sandro capitalized on a missed spinning wheel kick by Horodecki, taking him down. Horodecki quickly got back up to his feet, but would be hit a few knees in the clinch. Following separation, Horodecki became the aggressor, throwing kicks. Sandro would land a clean jumping knee at the end of a close round 1.

Standing in round 2, Chris Horodecki threw first and landed as the two fighters exchanged blows. “The Polish Hammer” using his range against the forward pushing Sandro. Sandro continued to throw left and right hooks, one of them finding the button and rocking the Canadian–leading to Horodecki initiating the clinch. The shot didn’t stop Horodecki, who continued to be aggressive in the standing to end the round.

Sandro landed a front kick on the chin of Horodecki to begin the 3rd round. Horodecki responded by landing a counter left hook flush on the chin of the Brazilian. Fatigue starting to settle in, in the 3rd round as the pace slowed, Sandro clinched an attempted to take Horodecki down. Horodecki defended, but would get takedown a minute later by Sandro, who instantly transitioned to mount and looked for an arm-triangle. The round would end with Sandro in that position, despite attempts at a sweep by Horodecki.

The judges decision unanimously went to Marlon Sandro for his first win in over a year.


Brian Rogers (10-6) vs. Adrian Miles (14-5)

The former 3-time tournament competitor, Brian Rogers looks for his first win since 2012, having lost 3 of his last 4. “The Predator” came out aggressive, landing heavy strikes to opponent Adrian Miles, who stayed on the outside throwing kicks. Rogers looked to pick his spots, where he could pressure Miles against the fence, to unload with punches.

Miles became desperate late in the round and beginning of the 2nd, shooting for takedowns that would be stuffed by Rogers. Brian Rogers took advantage of an exhausted Adrian Miles, landing a flying left knee with Miles’ back against the fence, for the knockout.


Jason Meisel (4-3) vs. Remy Bussieres (3-0)

Meisel pushed Bussieres up against the cage and landed a double leg takedown, he remained heavy in top control. Bussieres began giving up his back in an attempt to get back to his feet, but to no avail as Jason Meisel remained attached to the French Canadian, landing a total of 3 takedowns in round 1.

Meisel takes Bussieres down to begin round 2, but gets caught in a guillotine choke attempt, which Remy uses to get on top. Meisel sweeps and mounts Bussieres, who once again gave up his back. Meisel spent the rest of the round on Remy’s back, while Remy remained standing in the middle of the cage.

Round 3 was spent in against the cage, Remy Bussieres down two rounds, went for a tight guillotine choke, Meisel would struggle out of it and keep Remy against the fence for the entirety of the round. Jason Meisel took the judges decision, handing Remy Bussieres his first loss.


Malcolm Gordon (4-0) vs. Chris Kelades (6-0)

A matchup of undefeated Canadians meeting at a catchweight of 130 lbs. Terrific ground scrambles in the first round after Gordon takes Kelades to the mat. Gordon would find himself on top in the majority of the exchanges, while Kelades threatened from the bottom, including a near heel hook. During the brief moments of standup, it was Malcolm Gordon landing shots from the clinch, knees and elbows.

Kelades once again initiated the takedown in round 2, but found himself on the bottom, having to work back up to his feet. Once standing, both fighters opened up in the stand up, Kelades being the aggressor, throwing combinations. This time it was Gordon who got the takedown and remained on top delivering ground and pound to end a close 2nd round.

Kelades landing strikes, while pushing forward in the 3rd, Gordon closed the distance and landed knees in the clinch. Kelades scored a takedown early in the round, leading to Gordon getting up and taking him down. From there the fight remained on the mat, both fighters very active, against Malcolm Gordon found himself on top landing punches. Gordon mounted and went for a triangle choke, but Kelades escaped. Malcolm “X” Gordon earned the judges decision to remain undefeated at 5-0.


Behrang Yousefi (5-4) vs. Chad Freeman (8-5)

Chad Freeman locked up with Behrang Yousefi at the start, from the clinch position Freeman took his opponent down. Mounted and went for the rear naked choke, but Yousefi escaped. Yousefi worked his way back up to the feet, where Freeman dropped him with an overhand right, but as he went to the ground to follow up, Yousefi caught him in a triangle choke for the tap in round 1.


Stuart Austin (7-0) vs. Craig Hudson (4-3)

Austin the much smaller heavyweight in this fight, took down Hudson with a single leg. Hudson got back up, looking to box with Austin, using his jab to set up looping right hands. Austin used his speed to get inside and land a 2nd takedown, transitioned to side control. With 10 seconds left in the fight, Austin mounted Hudson, and took his back, submitting him with a rear naked choke, just beating the bell.


Full Bellator 119 Results:

Main Card (9 PM, Spike TV)

  • Featherweight tournament final: Daniel Weichel def. Desmond Green via Submission (rear naked choke)–Round 2, 2:07
  • 160lb catchweight: John Alessio def. Eric Wisely via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
  • Marius Zaromskis def. Vaughn Anderson via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)
  • Raphael Butler vs. Nick Rossborough–Majority Draw (28-27 Butler, 28-28, 28-28)

Preliminary Card (7 PM,

  • Marlon Sandro def. Chris Horodecki via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)
  • Brian Rogers def. Adrian Miles via Knockout (flying knee)–Round 2, 1:29
  • 158 lb catchweight: Jason Meisel def. Remy Bussieres via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)
  • 130 lb catchweight: Malcolm Gordon def. Chris Kelades via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)
  • 160lb catchweight: Behrang Yousefi def. Chad Freeman via Submission (triangle choke)–Round 1, 2:47
  • Stuart Austin def. Craig Hudson via Submission (rear naked choke)–Round 1, 4:56

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