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Interview: Ashley "Dollface" Greenway

MMA fighter Ashley “Dollface” Greenway is a competitor from North Carolina who started in MMA after meeting her future husband Allen Greenway. She and her family currently live in Gastonia, N.C., where they operate BodyQuest MMA.

Greenway went 6-1 as an amateur with victories over Andy Nguyen, Charity Walker and Ashley Miller. Her only loss was against UFC fighter Tecia Torres. Like many modern-day MMA fighters, has experience in Muay Thai and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. She signed with Invicta back in Feburary and is ready to make an impact in the promotion’s strawweight division.

Greenway took some time from her busy schedule to answer some of our questions.


Al Stover: What first got you interested in competing in mixed martial arts?
Ashley Greenway: My husband Allen Greenway was the one to get me interested. Being around it for a couple years and deciding to try out a bjj class, I was hooked after that night and decided to stick with it.


AS: What is a training camp for you? How is it different from your regular workout routine?
AG: Well I normally workout 2-3 times a day, 6-7 days a week. The only difference really in training camp is cleaning up my diet and lots more cardio.


AS: Your first fight was in 2011. What was it like to get your hand raised for the first time?
AG: It was a rush I was so excited. It really still is a blur to me. I finished my first fight in the first round in under two minutes. Right after that fight, I wanted to book another one.


AS: In your amateur run, who was your toughest opponent? What did you learn from fighting them or after standing in the cage with them?
AG: Definitely Tecia Torres. It was a long, intense 20-minute fight. She was my first loss and she changed the way I look at mixed martial arts to this day. She made me a better fighter. She showed me that this sport takes 100 percent dedication and you have to be mentally and physically prepared.


AS: You have quite an accomplished run at an amateur level. Do you plan to move up to pro later this year?
AG: Yes I was recently signed to Invicta Fighting Championships something I had been pushing for several months on social media. I will be making my pro debut with the company.


AS: You mentioned that you wanted to compete for Invicta Fighting Championships. What are some things you feel that would bring to their strawweight division?
AG: Now that I have my shot in Invicta I am so ready. I’m ready to shock the world. I think I am entertaining and I carry from my ammy career three “fight of the nights,” “a submission of the night” and “fight of the year.”


AS: You also sad you want to fight at Invicta FC 8. Is there anyone specific you would like to face on the Invicta Fighting Championships roster?
AG: There is no one specific I’m just ready to get that pro debut out of the way.


AS: I read that you operate a gym, train and raise a family. How do you go about balancing your roles as a trainer, fighter and mother?
AG: It is always busy around here. I never stop. It has become a lot easier the longer we do it. It’s just routine now. I think if I wasn’t so busy, I would be bored to death. I’m a very lazy person so competing keeps me on my toes.


AS: I read that your favorite fighters include Allen Greenway, Sara McMann, Anderson Silva. What is it about them that makes you a fan of theirs?
AG: Of course my husband, he has a style like no other and the way he coaches and the things he can see that I don’t. Sara is a crazy wrestler I love to watch her control a fight. Anderson Silva I think could fight with a blind fold on and win, and Tecia Torres is another favorite of mine her stand up is mind blowing.


AS: What was it like growing up in Gastonia, N.C.? Does anyone back home know that you’re a fighter?
AG: Gastonia is not very big if I had my choice I would surround myself by water, the sport is growing in this area but you still get the comments what’s MMA? Yes, everyone knows if were friends on social media it would be hard not to know. It’s all I talk about I think.

AS: I read that you were a varsity cheerleader for five years. Would you say that your years as a cheerleader helped contribute to your success in MMA? 
AG: I miss those days I loves cheering. We did more competing than anything. I think that’s what I loved most about it. It made me strong. I have always been pretty athletic. I was asked to wrestle in high school and I turned it down because of cheering. If I had to do it all over again I would have ditched cheering and joined the wrestling team.


AS: There are some fighters like Zolia Frausto Gurgel and Cris “Cyborg,” who go between MMA and Muay Thai. Would you ever consider doing both sports, or would you prefer to stick to mixed martial arts?
I did a Muay Thai fight in New York. I loved it but I think MMA is where I want to be. I feel I am more well rounded


AS: Being a parent, what would be your reaction if your children said “Mom, dad, I want to be a fighter.” What advice would you give them?
I think it would be great but if my kids were not 100 percent dedicated than I would tell them find another sport because mixed martial arts is evolving so quickly, by the time their old enough to fight it’s going to be insane. They have been competing since the age of 4, so I am pretty sure they will stick with it.

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