Bellator 120 Results: Rampage decisions King Mo, Brooks crowned Champ, Tito Ortiz upsets Shlemenko

Bellator MMA holds their first Pay-Per-View event in the promotion’s 5-year history on Saturday, May 17th. Bellator 120 held at the site of the Landers Center in Southaven, Mississippi, airing on PPV, featured a main event between rivals “King Mo” Muhammed Lawal (12-3) against Quinton “Rampage” Jackson (34-11) as part of the season 10 4-man light heavyweight tournament final.

Dubbed by Bellator as “MMA’s Greatest Grudge Match”, King Mo and Rampage finally took to the cage to settle their long-time brewing feud. The two were victorious in their semifinal bouts, King Mo defeating Mikhail Zayats by decision and Rampage defeating Christian M’Pombu by knockout, to set up this encounter in the finals. Lawal looks for his 2nd consecutive tournament title, while Rampage is vying for his first. Waiting for the winner will be Bellator Light Heavyweight champion, Emanuel Newton, who is also a training partner of Quinton Jackson.

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson takes decision over King Mo Lawal, but feud is far from over

Right off the bat, King Mo landed a single leg takedown and got Quinton Jackson, who came out very aggressive, to the mat. Rampage created distance and worked his way back to his feet. But Lawal continued to have a hold of Jackson, landing a double leg to get the fight back to the mat. Rampage had multiple attempts to try to get back to his feet, only to have King Mo drag him back to the mat. With 1 minute remaining, Jackson was able to shove King Mo off him and began to throw wide looping punches.

Rampage came out stalking Mo in round 2, looking to land those huge fists. Mo landed a kick that was close to being a low blow. Rampage opened up with a combination that rocked Lawal, forcing him to shoot for a double leg, which Jackson stuffed. Jackson was having success defending the takedown attempts of Lawal in round 2, but with Lawal still able to control him against the cage for a few moments in the round. Lawal’s takedown attempts allowed him to land a few good punches in the open on Rampage, and even a missed flying knee attempt. Mo landed a takedown to close out a close round.

Quinton stuffed an early takedown attempt by Lawal to begin round 3, landed a strong left hook. Against the cage, King Mo was able to grab both of Quinton’s legs and drag him to the mat. Mo Lawal mustered enough energy in the 3rd round to keep Rampage on the mat for nearly 3 minutes in the round. When Rampage got to his feet, he had a sense of urgency, again looking to land bungalows, but Mo’s control lasted till the end of the fight, while avoiding the huge shots of Quinton Jackson.

The feud was far from over as the two fighters continued to jaw at each other while waiting for the scores to be read.

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson was awarded the unanimous decision over King Mo Lawal, winning the season 10 Bellator light heavyweight tournament and the title shot at Emanuel Newton.

“Keep it 100%, he did better than I thought he would. Rematch. I’m not happy with my victory tonight guys, I wanted to knock king mo out. Who wants to see king mo get knocked out. Bjorn Rebney I want a rematch, I want to knock king mo out,” Jackson said.

“Bjorn you know who won that fight, you dick riding ass. I won that fight. You know I won that fight Bjorn,” King Mo said.


Will Brooks upsets Michael Chandler to win Bellator interim-lightweight championship

In the co-main event of the Bellator 120 PPV, Michael Chandler takes on season 9 lightweight tournament winner, Will Brooks to crown the new Bellator interim-lightweight champion. Of course, Chandler was originally scheduled to take on champion Eddie Alvarez, but a concussion derailed those plans, in stepped Will Brooks on short notice to take this fight against the former light weight champ.

Both fighters taking the center of the cage, Chandler throwing out a few jabs before closing the distance, shooting and landing a double leg takedown. After a brief moment on the mat, Brooks used his leg to create separation and get back to his feet. Chandler again shot for a single leg, but this time defended by Brooks, leading to Chandler pressuring him up against the fence. Chandler picked up and slammed Brooks for a 2nd takedown in the round, and would remain on top in guard to end the round. 10-9 Chandler

The quicker Chandler used strikes to get into close enough distance to shoot for a takedown again in round 2, landed a double leg and locked up Brooks’ legs on the mat, while Brooks had his back against the fence. Chandler had virtually shutdown Brooks’ offensive game, until Brooks escaped bottom in the final minutes of the round, and took Chandler down with a body lock. Narrowly securing back control and going for the rear naked choke, but Chandler quickly reversed into Brooks’ guard. 10-9 Chandler

Chandler swung and missed on a huge right hand to open round 3, shot for a takedown but stuffed by Will Brooks. Brooks then landed a takedown of his own, Chandler gave up his back in an attempt to get back up. Brooks took advantage by locking in a body triangle. Brooks then transitioned to mount and began to drop huge punches on Michael Chandler, cutting him open. But the high mount by Brooks would allow Chandler to escape through the back door. Still showing the affects of the punches, Chandler was dazed on the feet, Brooks landed a couple of head kicks on the chin. Brooks ended the round in back mount once again, his best round yet. 10-8 Brooks

Brooks looked to be the fresher fighter in the 4th round, takes Michael Chandler down and again taking his back This time the risk paid off for Chandler as he reversed and rolled on top into the guard of Brooks. Chandler grinded out most of the round on top before the referee stood them up for lack of action. With his hand on the mat, Brooks landed an illegal knee to the head of Michael Chandler, forcing a momentary pause in the action. When it resumed, Brooks got the takedown and transitioned to Chandlers back to end the round. 10-9 Brooks

The fifth and final round of the fight, strikes were exchanged early before Chandler shot for a takedown. Brooks landed a takedown, throwing Chandler over his head. But this round had very brief moments on the ground as both fighters resisted the others’ takedown attempts. Chandler rocked Brooks on the feet with several punches and went straight for the arm-triangle attempt on the mat. 10-9 Chandler

The judges awarded the split decision to “Ill” Will Brooks crowning him the interim-lightweight champion.

“Man this is an amazing thing to have. but honestly man I feel great for this opportunity to come and slug it out with somebody. And to get an opportunity to fight with someone like Michael Chandler. At one point I wasn’t even concerned about the belt,” Brooks said.

“I fought the worst performance of my life. lot of different things going on, congratulations to Will, I’ll come back stronger,” Chandler said.


 Tito Ortiz submits Alexander Shlemenko in his Bellator debut

And the 3rd featured fight of the PPV card, features the Bellator debut of MMA legend, Tito Ortiz (16-11-1) taking on Bellator middleweight champion Alexander Shlemenko (50-7), in what Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney calls a ‘cirque du soliel’ fight. Shlemenko looks to extend his 13-fight win streak, while Tito Ortiz, 1-7-1 in his last 9 fights looks for his first win since 2011.

The undersized Alexander Shlemenko shoved off Tito’s early takedown attempts, and landed left and right hooks. Tito pushed Shlemenko up against the fence, in the clinch and got Shlemenko down on all fours. Tito Ortiz used a switch to put Shlemenko on his back and quickly transitioned into an arm-triangle, choking Shlemenko out unconscious.


“Guess who’s back! I worked hard as hell for this. I’m just inspired to inspire others. Show you guys what heard work and dedication and achieve. I wanted to prepare myself for this, The person I looked up to in my career was Hulk Hogan,” Tito Ortiz said before performing a Hulk Hogan impression.

“I’ve had so many surgeries and people counted me out. I had my back against the wall and people counted me out. UFC, you can try to take me off your list, you can try to take me off your hall of fame, but each one of these fans will remember Tito Ortiz for their life time.

“People told me get out of this sport, you know what, BULL—T, I’m here for a long time baby.”

Vitaly Minakov wins heavyweight tournament with 2nd career submission

The 2nd Season 10 tournament final to take place on Bellator 120 is between the heavyweights, Blagoi Ivanov (11-0) and former heavyweight champion, Alexander Volkov (21-4), who looks to earn a rematch against current champion Vitaly Minakov. Ivanov defeated Richard Hale and Lavar Johnson, while Minakov defeated Mark holata and Mighty Mo to earn their spots in the final.

Blagoi Ivanlov used short punches to get inside the long reach of 6’7″ Volkov, getting the Russian against the fence and attempting several takedowns by grabbing his legs. All easily defended by Volkov. Ivanov used brief separations to land a couple of punches on the chin of Volkov, while continuing to pressure him for the majority of round 1.

Ivanov used a body clinch and trip to take down Volkov in round 2, but Volkov quickly took advantage of Ivanov being off balance by scooting out from the bottom and taking his back, quickly locking in the rear naked choke for the tap. Volkov won his 2nd Bellator tournament and earning a rematch with the champion Vitaly Minakov. His 2nd career submission win in 26 fights.

“I knew I was going to fight against the specialist in Sambo, so I prepared for this,” Volkov said.

“I’m very excited for new title shot, and I will be ready for this fight. I will work very hard and very motivated after my loss to him, very motivated to take my belt back,” Volkov said of his upcoming opponent, Minakov.


Michael Page knocks out Ricky Rainey to make it 6 1st round finishes

Kicking off the Bellator 120 PPV main card will be two exciting welterweight strikers, British standout Michael Page (5-0) makes his 2nd appearance in the promotion, taking on Ricky Rainey (8-2).

Michael Page came out as he usually does, hands down, using his footwork to move back and forth around the cage. Rainey pushed forward but was out of reach. All while Page continued to land strikes, some while looking away from his opponent. Page continued to showboat while Rainey swung and missed, even drawing some boos from the crowd. Rainey finally got a hold of Page in the clinch and attempted a takedown, but Page defended and separated. A 1-punch right hand knocked out Ricky Rainey, to make it 6 first round finishes for Michael “Venom” Page, as he stood there admiring his work.

“I felt in control the whole time. I came to put on a show, and show why I’m supposed to be here. I plan to come back and do it again and again,” Page said.


Spike TV Preliminary Fights

Cheick Kongo (20-9-2) vs. Eric Smith (6-1)

Kongo recently lost a heavyweight title fight against Vitaly Minakov, just one month ago, he’s back in action taking on the debuting Eric Smith.

Eric Smith pressured Kongo from the get-go, but Kongo intelligently circled out at any attempts of Smith closing the distance. Kongo began to land jabs from the outside. The two then exchanged a flurry of strikes before Smith clinched with Kongo and took him down with double under hooks. Kongo found his way back to his feet as Smith opened up with ground and pound in half guard. Kongo unleashed a barrage of kicks and uppercuts on a fatigued Eric Smith.

Kongo wasted no time pushing Eric Smith up against the cage, landing a takedown in round 2. He would keep Smith on all fours while controlling him and landing short left and right hands for 4 minutes of the round. When Smith attempted to get back to his feet near the end of the round, Kongo unloaded with a flurry of punches and knees against the fence that signaled an end to the bout.


Marcin Held (18-3) vs. Nate Jolly (13-5)

Marcin Held, the season 10 lightweight tournament finalist had his opponent Patricky “Pitbull” pull out of their fight due to injury, instead he steps in on short notice against Nate Jolly, who also lost his originally scheduled opponent, Will Brooks. Meeting at a 158 lb catchweight.

Both fighters came out swinging with Jolly connecting with a knee to the head that rocked Held momentarily. Held then got a clinch and tried to throw Jolly to the mat, instead Jolly exposed his back. Held quickly pounced on his back and got both hooks in, attempting a rear naked choke. Jolly defended for a period of time before held switched to an arm triangle attempt in mount. Held relaxed for a second on Jolly’s back that allowed Nate to reverse and get on top in Held’s guard. But the submissions specialist, Held would quickly lock in an armbar for the tap.


Shahbulat Shamhalaev (12-2-1) vs. Fabricio Guerreiro (19-3)

Shamhalaev last fought for the featherweight title against Pat Curran, over a year ago. While 23 year old Fabricio Guerreiro continues to fight tough competition in Bellator, 1-2 in the promotion.

Shamhalaev used his speed and quickness early on to get in and out of range while landing punches and kicks against the longer Fabricio Guerreiro. The Brazilian used a trip to initiate a scramble with Shamhalaev, which Guerreiro would wind up on top with a crucifix on the Russian’s back, landing elbows from the side. From there Guerreiro rolled for a kimura attempt and wound up on top in side control, completing the submission and forcing Shamhalaev to tap.


Goiti Yamauchi (16-2) vs. Mike Richman (16-4)

Both fighters lost in the opening round of the season 10 featherweight tournament, looking to rebound.

Fight started off with Yamauchi landing an illegal kick to the groin of Richman, much of round 1 was spent with Richman geting double underhooks and controlling Yamauchi against the fence. Richman would land a takedown but refuse to engage on the ground with the dangerous guard of Yamauchi. But the Japanese / Brazilian fighter did have his moments, landing kicks from the outside and a few good shots at the end of the round.

Yamauchi continued to open up on the feet in round 2, hurting Richman with a few early shots and landing a takedown. Yamauchi became more aggressive, pushing the pace and continuing to land kicks and knees to the body. Richman also landed a couple of strong blows later in the round.

Richman began the 3rd round with a takedown, in Goiti’s guard, where he would remain for 4 minutes of the round despite Yamauchi’s best efforts at sweep and submission attempts. Referee stood the two up in the final minute, and Yamauchi closed the fight strong continuing to land kicks.

Judges awarded Goiti Yamauchi the unanimous decision over Mike Richman.


Full Bellator 120 Results:

Main Card (10 PM EST, Pay-per-view)

  • Light Heavyweight tournament final: Quinton Jackson def. Muhammed Lawal via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
  • Interim-Lightweight Title Fight: Will Brooks def. Michael Chandler via Split Decision (48-47, 47-48, 48-47)
  • Tito Ortiz def. Alexander Shlemenko via Submission (arm-triangle choke)–Round 1, 2:27
  • Heavyweight Tournament final: Alexander Volkov def. Blagoi Ivanov via Submission (rear naked choke)–Round 1, 1:08
  • Michael Page def. Ricky Rainey via Knockout (punch)–Round 1, 4:29

Preliminary Card (8 PM EST, Spike TV)

  • Cheick Kongo def. Eric Smith via TKO (strikes)–Round 2, 4:35
  • 158lb catchweight: Marcin Held def. Nate Jolly via Submission (armbar)–Round 1, 4:20
  • Fabricio Guerreiro def. Shahbulat Shamhalaev via Submission (kimura)–Round 1, 3:29
  • Goiti Yamauchi def. Mike Richman via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Preliminary Card (6 PM EST,

  • Austin Lyons def. Zach Underwood via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)*
  • Mike Wessel def. Justin Frazier via TKO (strikes)–Round 1, 4:28
  • Ben Brewer def. Andy Uhrich via Knockout (punches)–Round 2, 2:40
  • Codie Shuffield def. Anthony Lemon via Submission (rear naked choke)–Round 2, 2:15
  • Brian Hall def. Cortez Phelia via TKO (punches)–Round 3, 0:24

*Fight was called midway through the 3rd round after Zach Underwood was unable to continue due to an unintentional illegal knee by Austin Lyons

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