Ronda Rousey (pictured with belt) will be hoping to defend her crown for a third time against Sara McMann. Credit: Jayne Kamin-USA TODAY Sports

Ronda Rousey could beat up anyone - man or woman

Since UFC Women’s Bantamweight (135 pounds) champion “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey has become one of the faces of the promotion, there have been several fighters and critics who have come out and said she could fight – and beat – the men.

Earlier today Jake Ellenberger told Fox Sports that Rousey could beat most of the fighters in the UFC’s Bantamweight division. During the interview he also praised her, saying she is one of the hardest working people in the sport.

“Male or female, it doesn’t matter. She’s always in the gym whether she has a fight coming up or not. And it shows.”

Ellenberger has been training with Rousey’s striking coach Edmond Tarverdyan at Glendale Fighting Club, as well as heading to the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Torrance where Rousey also trains, according to reports. Rener Gracie tweeted a picture that showed Ellenberger after practice with Rousey and other training partners.

Ellenberger is not the one to tout Rousey’s potential at beating the guys. For awhile the Rowdy one’s peers were talking about a potential fight between Rousey and boxing champion Floyd Mayweather. Rousey even said she could take current UFC Heavyweight champion Cain Velazquez, which – not surprisingly – drew criticism.

I’d have to agree that Rousey could stand up and beat a lot of guys out there. Rousey has more discipline than most competitors – male or female. She’s also fearless  isn’t afraid to face anyone, though some critics would argue that.

Like a lot of current world champions she comes from an a strong athletic background and has fought her whole life, both in and out of competition. Not to mention she’s trained with the hardest teachers – her mother Dr. AnnMaria De Mrs and “Judo” Gene LeBell – as well some of the toughest fighters today, including the Diaz brothers. She’s also very strong and continues to improve the different aspects of her game.

Joe Rogan likes to say that MMA is a sport where anything can happen and Rousey has a shot at beating anyone.

I doubt we’ll see a major promotion like UFC or Bellator holds a man vs. woman bout but if that does happen, I’m sure Rousey will get the call to fight and will be ready no matter who she faces.

If you could watch Rousey fight any man, who would it be? Answer with a comment below or send a tweet to @cagepagesfs.

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