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Kaitlin Young to make kickboxing return - K-1 style

One of Kaitlin Young’s passions – in addition to mixed martial arts – is kickboxing, which isn’t a surprise since she delivers some of the hardest kicks in combat sports.

The former HOOK-n-SHOOT Grand Prix champion and Invicta FC event will get to relive that passion as she heads to Moscow, Russia in July to compete in a fight with K-1 rules.

The one-woman Minnesota Wrecking Crew announced on her Facebook that she will take on Russian star Olga Stavrova. She has been training in kickboxing for the last 10 years and is a world champion. Still Young has great legs, a lot of experience and is one of the most durable fighters in combat sports – though her record may not necessarily reflect that. She’s kind of like the female Mark Hunt of mixed martial arts – not in looks.

Young wrote that she didn’t think this fight is going to be streamed, which is a shame because this has the makings of a good match.

With many MMA stars going back and forth between the cage and the ring – as well as the rise of Glory and Lion Fight in the United States – kickboxing is becoming more popular with fans. There’s also the notion that Russia is producing some great talent.

Besides Fedor Emelianenko and The Klitschko brothers, it wasn’t until recent years that Russian fighters have been making their way to the United States. When Stavrova wins or loses against Young, we could someday see her fight on American soil.

As for Young, this fight is just what she needs to get her on track to maybe fighting in the UFC. And I know she has a 7-8-1 record, but records don’t always mean that person doesn’t belong in the UFC.

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