May 31, 2014; Sao Paulo, SP, BRAZIL; Stipe Miocic (red gloves) reacts after his fight against Fabio Maldonado (blue gloves) during the TUF Brazil 3 Finale at Ibirapuera Gymnasium. Mandatory Credit: Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

TUF Brazil 3 Finale Post-Fight Press Conference Notes

The TUF Brazil 3 Finale post-fight presser in Sao Paulo, Brazil was attended by the victors on the fight card: Stipe Miocic, Warlley Alves, Antonio Carlos Jr., Demian Maia, Kevin Souza, Marcos Rogerio de Lima, and Ricardo Abreu.

First the two TUF Brazil 3 winners: Warlley Alves and Antonio Carlos Jr. were awarded their trophies.

Fight of the Night ($50,000 each): Kevin Souza / Mark Eddiva

Performance of the Night ($50,000 each): Warlley Alves, Stipe Miocic


Stipe Miocic: He’s [Maldonado] a game fighter, I thought he was playing possum. It was a 5-round fight, just wanted to make sure coming from that 2nd right that the fight was over.

On the difference in weight between him and his opponent being the difference: Maybe, I don’t know, he’s a tough guy. I just caught him with a good punch.

On a fight with JDS: If it happens it happens, right now I’m just happy with the W tonight. Ready to go home and relax, wait for the UFC to tell me who’s next.The people here were awesome, they were so nice to me. And getting the W was even better.

Grace Torinho:

Rony Jason broke his hand and will have to undergo surgery.

We’re still going to have a lot of events this year, another 4 events. The next will be in Brasilia, Brazil on the 13th of September.

The other 3 events will be in October, November, and December, the cities we are still negotiating.

Grace Torinho saying that Wanderlei was supposed to be at the TUF Brazil 3 Finale: The fact is he didn’t show up, I have no other information. I was expecting him and he didn’t show up.

I believe Sao Paulo after all the difficulties we have had, has been very successful for our organization.

Globo has been a great partner. We believe we’ll be organizing TUF every year. There was  the issue of discipline and we are very sorry, but it is a reality show and we had to show what happened. We are transparent and honest all the time and that’s what we show you.


Antonio Carlos Junior: I think the youth coming here is very strong, Warlley and myself. I’m very happy with this fight, I was ready to fight 3 rounds. Both fights on TUF I won in 1 round so many people didn’t think I had it. I told my camp I’m going out there to fight 3 rounds.

I had many options in my life, I decided to do this because I love MMA, I love what I do. I’m going to learn more and try to do my best. I have good people around me, I’ve got a lot of people with me that support me.

I have felt very confident standing, I dedicate a lot to what I do, really dedicated myself to striking. Professor Dorea, Cigano, the amount of times he has beaten me it’s not even funny.

I lived with Wanderlei for 45 days with him, so I was able to see who the real Wanderlei is. And he’s a guy who is emotional, he always did what was best for the team. I know what he did didn’t look good, but I got to know him and he treated me really nicely.


Warlley Alves: I’m really thankful TUF came to Brazil because it’s opening the doors for people. I had 3 fights, think the most difficult fight was against Wagnao, I broke my hand. I had my best fight with Lyoto.

Alves on competing with a broken hand on TUF: I hid that, I knew if anyone knew I would be off the show. It was a secret I kept to myself.

I think in 5 or 6 years, who knows maybe I can dream to have a belt around my waist, to represent Brazil. Brazil had 4 belts and now we only have 1, we have to go get them back.

On training with Jacare: Jacare, he just runs me over, he submits me, so I have to go out there and submit somebody (jokingly). I have a great grappling team.

On the prize money: I’ve always had a dream of recording a CD (just kidding guys). I will put the money in a bank account and try to invest it in something that will give me a good return.

Warlley Alves announced that he’s dropping to welterweight: The guys are too big man, I’m a small light guy, I’m going to stay in my weight class, I’ll just be quiet here in my corner.


Demian Maia: I was able to mount him all 3 rounds, and he kept hugging me. I was actually surprised at how long he could hold me, usually a fighter can’t hold you for that long. I tried to submit him, but sometimes it’s very difficult and you can’t do it anyways, you might lose a round and lose the fight.

On his place in the welterweight division: It’s very difficult now, we’re going to see many fights at welterweight. We need to see Rory/Woodley, Lawler/Brown, Lombard/Kim, those are 3 fights which will define a lot. This victory brings me back to where I am able to breathe. I’m not worried about that right now.

The knockdown was just a culmination of all my work with past trainers, sometimes I have to do that to make people respect me more. I love boxing, I invest my time in it.

I always would prefer submission, but in life we can’t expect everything to be perfect otherwise we’ll be frustrated. A guy like him with 20 something victories coming from Russia, he didn’t come here by chance, so I have to respect my victory and I can’t be frustrated because I didn’t get the submission.


Marcos “Pezao” Rogerio de Lima announces that he’s dropping to middleweight: I don’t want to be a fat guy anymore. I’m going to cut the weight.

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