Jun 7, 2014; Albuquerque, NM, USA; John Dodson (red) celebrates his victory over John Moraga (blue) after their flyweight bout during UFC Fight Night 42 at Tingley Coliseum. Dodson won after a doctor

John Dodson: In My Mind I'm Still the Champion

John Dodson received the biggest ovation of the night at UFC Fight Night 42 in his hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico in his fight against John Moraga. The fight was a rematch from their 2010 encounter in the Nemesis Fighting promotion, in which Dodson won a unanimous decision. Now both top ranked flyweights in the UFC, the two fighters had higher stakes on the line in this fight.

The #1 ranked flyweight in the world did one better in the rematch, this time finishing the bout, albeit in a confusing fashion, after the 2nd round. Dodson had landed a perfectly timed knee on the nose of John Moraga just as he ducked his head down, near the end of the 2nd round. The knee immediately caused the nose of Moraga to bleed profusely, and going back to his corner after the 2nd round bell.

The confusion came as the bout was stopped in between rounds in Moraga’s corner due to the doctor’s advice. But Moraga, wanting to continue, protested the stoppage, but it was too late.

Following the fight, Moraga later revealed on twitter that he was still confused as to why the fight was stopped.


As for the victor, John Dodson celebrated the win in John Dodson fashion, with his charismatic presence on the mic post-fight. Included in his speech was a lobbying effort for a 2nd UFC flyweight title shot, against the winner of the main event at UFC 174 between Demetrious Johnson and Team Jackson’s teammate, Ali Bagautinov, whom Dodson said he would be willing to fight.

Never short of confidence, John Dodson believes he is the best fighter in the flyweight division with the power and speed, and still considers himself the champion in the weight class.

“In my mind, I’ve already thought I was the best fighter in this division. At 125, I think I hold the power and the speed. Demetrious Johnson has the endurance level of everybody in the division, I can’t take that away from him, he’s very technical. But as we’ve seen it before I put him down 1, 2, and 3 rounds and he ended up winning the fight, so in my mind I’m still the champion.”

However, another champion on in the UFC that may have most recently caught the attention of John Dodson is someone who Dodson holds a knockout win over, the UFC Bantamweight champion, T.J. Dillashaw. When asked, Dodson would be glad to give Dillashaw a rematch at 135, for the title.

“I’ll give him a rematch any time he wants. I already told him that after the ultimate fighter finale. I’ll tell him again, I’ll fight him at 135, and I’ll gladly take that belt home with me too,” Dodson said.

Apparent by his post-fight interview where he gave a huge shoutout to “The Burque”, John Dodson loved every moment of performing in front of his home crowd in Albuquerque.

“Man the crowd was so electrified, I just had to absorb it in. I felt bad because I didn’t get that 3rd round continue on entertaining the crowd like how I wanted to. In my own eyes, I robbed the fans. But they were so appreciative, of me being a local guy and me being from here it’s just exciting,” Dodson said.

“Me and Diego wrote history, being the two ultimate fighters from New Mexico, born and raised. Fighting in the first card here in Albuquerque, and New Mexico, we just did it, we did awesome.”

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