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Shayna Baszler should tag with WWE’s Natalya

It’s no secret that “The Queen of Spades” Shayna Baszler is a professional wrestling fan.

She constantly tweets and talks about wrestling, she has introduced wrestling to some of her fellow fighters and she’s a student of the game – coining the term “Four Horsewomen” for the stable with her, Jessamyn Duke, Marina Shafir and fellow pro wrestling junkie Ronda Rousey. Besides watching WWE, Baszler is also a fan of the old school promotions like NWA and AWA.

One WWE superstar who has been on Baszler’s favorites list is Natalie Neidhart – also known as Natalya.

As a former WWE Diva’s champion and third-generation star, Natalya is arguably the face of the WWE’s Diva’s division. She’s had the best matches and helped put over up-and-coming stars. She’s also the face of “Total Divas” and while it’s a reality show, she was handpicked for that program, even though she may not fit the typical mold of a reality star at first – into that mold.

Although it would be great to see the Four Horsewomen in the WWE, I think Baszler should be on a program in a tag match with Natalya. The Queen of Spades with the Queen of Harts.

Natalya is tough comes from a great wrestling linage- all the way back to her grandfather Stu Hart, who was arguably one of the toughest men alive and has trained some of the greatest wrestlers in history. She’s also has several qualities that MMA fighters have such as being tough, durable and a good grappler.

Baszler and Natalya have trained together and I think that chemistry could transfer to the ring. The question is what kind of program do you bring in The Queen of Spades to align with Natalya? Enter NXT.

Natalya is coming off of a great match against current NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte – real name Ashleigh Fleir-Johnson – who is a part of the “BFF” (Beautifully Fierce Female) group with Sasha Banks. The Queen of Harts could have a match where she gets a beat down from the BFFs and out comes Baszler to make the save. This escalates to  Baszler and Natalya vs. Banks and Charlotte at the next big NXT event.

And while some fans may stick up their nose because NXT is considered developmental, it’s also where the WWE currently has the best wrestling. This particular match would also get more air time on an NXT program than if it was on any WWE television or a pay per view. Instead seeing a three-minute squash match, you could get a good 20-minute bout where all four performers could get in their moves.

If Baszler has a good match it could transition to a full-time career on top of her run in mixed martial arts. In the last several years there have been many athletes who have gone back-and-forth between wrestling and MMA, including Baszler’s training partner Josh Barnett.

Who knows? Maybe we’ll see Natalya go from the ring to the cage.

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