Dana White on Scott Coker: This is a much better fit for them

Dana White has not been one to shy away from comments, especially when asked about his MMA promotion competitor, Bellator MMA. With the recent news that former CEO Bjorn Rebney had been replaced by former Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker as Bellator’s President, Dana White was asked on Inside MMA in an interview with Bas Rutten about his thoughts on the whole situation.

Having worked with Scott Coker in the past–once Zuffa bought Strikeforce and Coker remained as the CEO until it’s last event–Dana White feels Coker is a better fit than their former CEO.

“Well not only do I know Scott [Coker] very well, I know the guys at Spike very well, I was in business with them for a long time. And I think that this is a much better fit for them than Bjork [Bjorn Rebney] was,” White said.


Also on the agenda, was the whole situation between Chael Sonnen, Wanderlei Silva, and the Nevada Athletic  Commission–with Sonnen testing positive for a random drug test and Wanderlei failing to comply with the commission to administer his random drug test. Dana White pointed out the financial loss that will be suffered by both competitors as a consequence of their actions.

“You’re basically ruined, when you get—Chael Sonnen had to retire. He’s retired now. You know how much money that guy could still make in fighting and in MMA and in the UFC, tons of money. He’s gone, he retired because of what went down.”

“Wanderlei Silva, it was very odd the way it was handled the other day, but I’m pretty confident they’re going to bury him deep,” White said. “I just don’t know what else you can do to him, other than publicly stone them or beat them with sticks, what else could you do to these guys? Financially, they’re going to be destoryed, their sponsors, their reputation, it all goes.”


Dana White also commented on UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo’s recent comments about his fighter pay, feeling that he and others were underpaid by the UFC. Dana pointed to PPV buys and Aldo not being as big of a draw affecting his lower payout.

“Everybody needs to make more money. A guy like Jose Aldo, love Jose Aldo, he’s the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world for two rounds. Then he starts to slide off. Here’s the reality, the champions are PPV partners, and how many PPVs you sell and how big of a draw you are, you get a piece of the action.

“They [lighter weights] don’t sell as much as the bigger guys. A guy like Jose Aldo is a guy who has the talent and ability to be a big star, it’s up to Jose Aldo to get out there and make people care and want to buy his fights.”


The full Inside MMA interview can be seen here, where Dana discusses various topics including: Jon Jones’ fighting Alexander Gustafsson, and Johny Hendricks fighting multiple times.

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