Payout analysis: WSOF 10 fighter's salaries are pathetic

With another World Series of Fighting event in the book, let us take a moment to analyze fighter’s salaries. As I look up and down the list I notice the highest show rate belongs to former WSOF featherweight champion Georgi Kharakhanyan, and rightfully so.

Kharakhanyon came into WSOF 10 boasting nine straight victories before being knocked off by the unheralded Rick Glenn. Kharakhanyan was only paid $20,000 to show. A pittance considering he was the reigning champion with an impressive 23-3 record.

At $17,500– The WSOF strawweight women’s champion Jessica Aguilar actually had a lower show rate than fellow champion Kharakhanyan. This inequity is a separate, yet importance issue as welterweight title challenger Dave Branch’s $18,000 show rate was also heftier than Aguilar’s.

This kind of money is not anywhere close to a living wage.

Compared to the fighters on the undercard, the aforementioned fighters are rolling in it. Poor (emphasis on poor) Justin Jaynes, Tanner Cowan, Adam Acquaviva and Marciea Allen only earned a paltry $1,000 for their services. This kind of money is not anywhere close to a living wage. Even if they win, and get a locker-room bonus– they are not going to be living the life they deserve for all of their hard work entertaining us– the fans.

Another familiar face getting the shaft from WSOF is former UFC lightweight contender Tyson Griffin. A recognizable face to most mixed martial arts fans, Griffin has been in the cage, and won, against some of the toughest lightweights around. Unfortunately for Griffin, he was only paid $8,000 to show for his services. This is a far cry from the $25,000 he was last paid to show by the UFC before he was released. For all of the bad things to say about the UFC and Dana White– nobody pays quite like they do. Even the lowest paid fighters get more than a measly $1,000 dollars.

Finally, these figures do not figure in taxes that the fighters will have to pay out of their own pocket. Of course, that is after they have paid their training partners, trainers and cornermen. $1,000 dollars doesn’t split well three or four ways. $1,000 dollars will barely pay the mortgage.

Disagree? Perhaps you feel WSOF is paying these fighters more than their fair share. Let us know in the comments below!

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