Rashad Evans (red gloves) in his win over Chael Sonnen. Credit: Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Rashad Evans would do well in WWE

Former UFC Light Heavyweight champion Rashad Evans might have a change in careers down the road.

According to a report from Dave Meltzer, the former champion was interested in going from MMA to professional wrestling. Evans, who is out of action with an injury, later clarified the statement, saying if he were to make the change, he would do it after his fighting career was done and added that he had at least four years left in MMA.

If Evans did decide to make the jump to pro wrestling, I’d think he would do a good job.

I’ve said it before, but MMA fighters transitioning to professional wrestling is not uncommon. Former UFC champions like Ken Shamrock, Josh Barnett, Dan Severn and Quinton”Rampage” Jackson have gone from the cage to the squared circle.

Evans also has the knowledge of the product, saying he was a fan of “Macho Man” Randy Savage. He brings athletisim, grappling and has charisma. Although going to Impact Wrestling might be obvious choice, because it would give him a chance to ignite a feud with Rampage, I would like to see him come in to WWE and possibly do a program with the likes of Alberto del Rio – who has a mixed martial arts background – if del Rio is still competing by then.

There are also plently of NXT competitors who might be on the WWE’s main roster. Again this is going by the notion that Evans would jump to pro wrestling after he finished fighting.

I think Suga could play up the whole “MMA fighter” character, similar to Brock Lesnar, but add some personality to it. Depending on what town he was at, he could antagonize the crowd by listing his accomplishments to get some heat on him. If he doesn’t want to put his body at risk, he could try his hand at commentating or even managing.

Professional wrestling is lacking heel managers and I think Evans could be the type of manager who has a couple of charges – one a younger WWE talent and another who is getting a second wind in his career – and promotes them as “real athletes who don’t need to use underhanded tactics” and then during the matches they decide to cheat – because they’re bad guys. Again, this is just a suggestion. I know Evans is more than capable of beating anyone in the WWE, but pro wrestling is about storytelling. The question is how do you make Evans a credible heel who needs to cheat to win. One way is he could have a cast on his arm and inside is a weapon.

I like watching Evans fight and he has a long MMA career ahead of him. But I still think it would be cool to see Suga inside of the squared circle.

If Evans does go to the WWE, who would you like to see him face Wrestlemania? Answer with a comment below or send a tweet to @cagepagesfs.

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