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Maureen Riordon can only get better after MMA loss

It was supposed to be a great night for Maureen Riordon, who – like many fighters before her – was making her professional mixed martial arts debut at last night’s RFA 16 event.

However things didn’t go as planned when “Baby Face” stepped into the cage against the more experienced Marion “The Bruiser” Reneau. The California fighter managed to get score a takedown. Despite putting up a good effort to defend and escape, Reneau secured the armbar to get the win.

Despite the loss, Riordon congratulated her opponent and wished her luck in her future endeavors. Although there is no word when The Bruiser will return to action, Riordon isn’t quite as fortunate – or is depending how you look at it – as she now prepares for to face Lita Mae Button, at the Aug. 15 Nordic Coliseum Boxing event, which will feature an all-female fight card.

It’s funny how fans will sometimes look at a fighter after they lose their match and immediately hand down a verdict of whether or not they should compete in the sport. But really, it’s just one loss and in this case, it’s a step in Riordon’s journey of becoming a an experienced fighter. Everyone loses at some point in their career. I believe there was a Brazilian fighter named Anderson Silva who was choked out in his first fight back in 1997.

The point is, is that a loss is a loss and while most people would quit at that stage, fighters like Riordon choose to not only continue their careers. And to top if off, this Baby Face warrior is a three-sport athlete, competing in MMA, boxing and kickboxing, which is kind of rare in this day and age. I’m sure in the future, we’ll more female athletes with diverse striking and resumes in all three sports.

One thing to take away from all this fight is that Riordon faced an opponent who had more experience in professional bouts, as well as good grappling. This means that Baby Face can only get better from fighting opponents who are better than she is – right now. If she continues to train and improve, I’m sure we could see Riordon vs. Reneau II at some point – maybe even in the octagon of all places.

Another thing to take away from all of this is Riordon and Reneau competed in the first women’s 135-pound fight to be held inside of the RFA cage.

This isn’t the end for Riordon’s MMA career. In fact, it’s only the beginning.

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