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Fundraisers aim to help Invicta FC 8 fighters

Just because a fighter gets signed for a bout doesn’t mean it’s smooth sailing from the moment they sign the dotted line until bell time. They put in numerous hours of training and preparation before their match, however, the biggest obstacle they need to overcome is raising money for the fight – and this is especially prominent with women fighters – specifically those who are competing at Invicta FC 8, Sept. 6.

Although some fighters get sponsors, others have to dig into their own pockets to cover training costs, dieting, travel expenses and anything else that comes up. Several fighters work two jobs for their own living expenses – which increases if you factor family into it. Despite these hurdles, these warriors are willing to do whatever it takes to get ready for their fight. Thankfully some folks have stepped up to help these competitors.

There are several fundraisers happening to help raise money from these fighters. One of the first to jump at the cause is Peter Giannoulis, owner of Americana MMA – a company that creates  T-shirts other apparel for fighters – started the “Road to Invicta FC 8” fundraiser at GoFundMe.com. The goal is to raise $5,000, all of which will be donated to all of the fighters competing on Invicta FC 8. So far the fundraiser has raised $1,065.

In addition to the Americana MMA’s fundraiser, other competitors have started their own campaigns to cover costs before the event.

Michelle Ould, who is scheduled to meet DeAnna Bennett at the event, has started her own fundraiser. Normally she sets aside money for her training camp, however unexpected costs have put her in a bind. To visit her GoFundMe page, visit the link.

Delaney “Lil’ Scrappy” Owen, who will welcome J.J. Aldrich into the professional ranks, has her own fundraiser.

These fundraisers are for a great cause. It’s easy to dismiss something like this because it seems like fighters get big payouts, but it doesn’t quite work that way across the board, especially for women fighters.

Every bit helps, even if it’s just $5.

To make a donation to one of the fundraisers listed above, follow the links. 

Americana MMA – started by Peter Giannoulis

Delaney Owen’s Road to Invicta FC 8

Michelle Ould’s Road to Invicta FC 8


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