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UFC Fight Night 47 results: Watson decisions Alvey in fun fight

Tom Watson was victorious when it mattered most, going the distance in a fun fight with Sam Alvey at UFC Fight Night 47. Despite Alvey staging a comeback in the third, rocking Watson with some big exchanges, the Brit did enough to pull off a unanimous decision victory and bounced back from three wins in his last four contests.

Watson is now 2-3 inside the Octagon, though Alvey will likely stick around after the manner in which he performed in the third round. Ultimately, the slow start of the Canadian middleweight paid dividends, with the calm, collected Brit going to town on the leg of Alvey, causing him to limp.

‘Kong’ continues to put on fun fights in the UFC, proving why he is a fan favourite in the UK and will stick around the promotion for a while longer after this must-win contest.

Check out the blow-by-blow coverage of the middleweight contest below.


TUF 16 competitor Sam Alvey makes his UFC debut after winning, and defending, his MFC title. Watson looking for his second UFC win after going just 1-3 since entering the promotion. Must-win for the Brit.

Round 1 – Watson immediately presses forward, Alvey sticking to the cage. Watson using his kicking game from the get-go, landing to the body and leg. Alvey with a nice couple of lefts. Leg kick from Watson, then a switch kick. Alvey is flat footed and inactive at the moment, Watson going to town on the legs of the Canadian. Alvey pushes forward but misses on the 1-2. Another blitz, none landing too cleanly. Head kick by Watson, Alvey missing the counters. More leg kicks by the Brit. Body kick, Alvey trying to counter but unable to. Watson doing a good job of letting go, then just moving outside of the range of Alvey. Alvey with a huge uppercut that drops Watson! that came out of nowhere! Watson back up and taunting, but that was big. Watson has the clinch now, possibly trying to recover. Muay-thai clinch and some knees to the body from Alvey. Watson with a huge combination of his own there! And a right, but Alvey scores with his own. Elbow by Watson in the clinch. A right by Watson, who then gets the clinch. High kick by Watson. Nice overhand left from ‘Kong’. Alvey seems to be limping a little. He tried a superman punch from the cage but misses. Big kick and a punch from Watson. Good round for the Brit, though Alvey landed a huge shot of his own.
Cooper scores round 1 10-9 Watson.

Round 2 – Watson once again the aggressor at the start of the round, and unloading with the kicks once more. To the body then the leg is Watson. Alvey’s nose is busted up, and he seems to be breathing out of his mouth. A left by Alvey. Nice right by Watson, who then gets the clinch but Alvey once again trying to get the muay-thai clinch. Nice left by Watson but a counter from Alvey, that seemed to hurt Tom. Big left from Alvey as Watson pushes forward. Watson has landed double the strikes of Alvey. He lands a leg kick and causes the Canadian to limp with that one. And again. He seems to be targeting the calf, and it’s working wonders. Alvey tries to blitz but it’s very predictable. Watson ducks Alvey’s attacks, and continues to press the action. Alvey with a big left, but misses the follow-up. Watson gets the clinch, Alvey trying to land a knee but eats a sharp elbow. Alvey is stunned. Big combination from Watson. He ducks under the hook of Alvey. Sharp elbow again by the Brit, who gets the clinch again. A minute remaining in the second. Alvey is freezing and Watson is having his way with him, opening up. Alvey lands a huge shot and presses forward with a blitz! A lot more success there. But now he’s backing up again. Nice right by Alvey as Watson misses a shot of his own. Overhand left for the Brit, Alvey getting the clinch at the end of the round.
Cooper scores round 2 10-9 Watson (20-18 Watson).

Round 3 – Watson pressing forward and landing the leg kicks, but Alvey blitzes forward with the ‘rock ‘em sock ‘em’ style. Watson lands a huge left hook, but Alvey now unloading on Watson! Wow he looked out on his feet. Watson somehow staying in it. He’s hurt badly. Alvey pressing forward now. They’re both landing, but Alvey getting the better. Watson needs to keep his composure. He gets the clinch, but Alvey too powerful and reverses the position to get Watson against the fence, landing some knees to the body. Alvey attempts to go high with the kick. Watson has a cut above his left eye. Alvey just grazes him with the knee there, that would have been big. Sharp right from Alvey, who lands a combination as he pushes forward. Left straight, but Watson exits the position and now presses forward. Good combination by Watson. Solid left by Alvey, and a big body kick. Watson lands but Alvey gets one in too. Hard to see who got the better there. Watson gets the clinch but nice short shots from Alvey, who exits the position. Solid combination by Watson, that backed Alvey up. 1 minute left in the round. Watson presses but Alvey gets in a 1-2, before Watson gets the clinch – Alvey reverses before separating. Big left there from Alvey. Watson shoots in for the takedown, Alvey stuffing it and landing as Watson circles away. Watson gets the clinch again, landing a right at the end of the round. A very fun third round, but shouldn’t be enough for Alvey to get the nod.
Cooper scores round 3 10-9 Alvey (29-28 Watson).

Result: Watson via unanimous decision (29-28 x3).

A fun contest, and Alvey did well to stage that comeback in the third – not quite enough for the Canadian after a slow start. Watson did enough to seal a much-needed win.


Here are the results for the event so far, you can follow the coverage of the full card here.

Preliminary Card

Tom Watson def. Sam Alvey via unanimous decision (29-28 x3).
Frankie Saenz def. Nolan Ticman via unanimous decision (30-27 x3).

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