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UFC Fight Night 48 results: Dudieva decisions Phillips

Milana Dudieva was victorious in her UFC debut in a dull fight with Elizabeth Phillips at UFC Fight Night 48, who is now 0-2 inside the Octagon. Dudieva stuck to one-and-two punch combinations throughout the fight, while Phillips was opting for more movement and bigger combinations. In the end, the judges went with the Russian due to her blitz-like approach.

Dudieva is now 11-3 as a professional, but showed a lot of flaws in her performance. The Russian was able to secure the back of Phillips on more than one occasion, but wasn’t able to capitalise and ended up getting reversed, giving up her guard. Phillips has also got a lot to work on, after failing to keep active once the fight hit the mat.

It wasn’t the most exciting affair, and both fighters should try and learn from their wrongdoing in the performance. Phillips perhaps should have got the decision, though it is Dudieva who will go forward with her first Octagon win.

Check out the play-by-play for the contest below.


Phillips was unsuccessful in her UFC debut, where she replaced Dudieva on short notice, who now makes her UFC debut herself. Dudieva is the -160 favourite for this contest.

Round 1 – Phillips opening up with some leg kicks and utilising lots of movement. Dudieva loads up on the overhand right but misses. Dudieva looking to counter strike and land a single big shot. Dudieva misses the right once again, very laboured. Phillips going side to side, throwing the jab and avoiding Dudieva’s power punches. Dudieva struggling to land anything at all. But now she’s getting going! A nice combination from the Russian, and Phillips just tries to land back her own. They’re in the clinch now, Dudieva has Phillips up against the cage with half of the round remaining. They went to the ground momentarily but Phillips right back up, and more clinch work for the pair. Phillips has a hold of Dudieva’s neck, but the Russian slams her to the mat and is forced to let go. Phillips getting straight back up but Dudieva transitions to the back in the process. Phillips reverses and is now in the guard of Dudieva, sloppy work from the Russian there – that may be due to fatigue. Dudieva looking for an armbar but well recognised by Phillips there. Now the Russian trying to work on the leg of her opponent, Phillips getting out and landing some nice ground and pound, they’re hurting Dudieva. Good finish for Phillips.
Cooper scores round 1 10-9 Phillips.

Round 2 – Dudieva is already breathing out of her mouth, while Phillips looks relatively fresh. Leg kicks from Phillips. The referee warning them for inactivity in a dull round thusfar. Phillips doing little, Dudieva doing even less. Dudieva pushing forward and going for huge shots but mussing. Now she’s caught her! That hurt Phillips! Dudieva trips her to the mat but Phillips straight back up. Phillips gives up her back for a second and now is on top, in the guard. Dudieva seems to get a little too excited in these positions, and Phillips is recognising that and taking full advantage. The blitzes from Dudieva are fun, but sloppy. Phillips posturing up and trying to work some ground and pound from the top, not staying too active however. Dudieva rolling for the leg, Phillips recognising and defending that. Nice shots from Phillips now. Dudieva trying to land from the bottom, but none too significant. It’s strange that Phillips isn’t at least attempting to improve her position; she’s settling for the guard, landing shots. Dudieva landing more from the bottom now, and Phillips is bloodied. Phillips’s attacks are being blocked well, and a huge right hand just misses from Elizabeth. A pretty poor round.
Cooper scores round 2 10-9 Dudieva (19-19).

Round 3 – Both ladies need a strong round, it’s a close one that could go either way thusfar. Dudieva misses with a huge right. The referee once again warning them for not engaging. Phillips with a jab and circling away from the counter. And again. Phillips ducking under the combination of Dudieva, getting a hold of her and getting the back of the Russian fighter. They’re standing, but look for Phillips to drag her to the mat at the first opportunity. They’re just stalling from this position – odd approach from Phillips. And now Dudieva turns it around and has her against the cage. Very big opportunity for Phillips squandered there. Dudieva gets double underhooks and drags Phillips straight into side control. Phillips explodes and is in the guard now, Dudieva going for the triangle but Phillips scrambles out, and now has the back on Dudieva. Into side control now. Dudieva needs to work on controlling her opponent. Phillips now landing some short elbows. Just over one minute left in the third and final round. Phillips isn’t staying too active from this position despite needing a convincing round. Referee warning for the third time in the fight. The corner are calling for Phillips to stay busy, but she’s not complying. 20 seconds. Dudieva with some elbows from the bottom, while Phillips isn’t trying to strike at all, it seems. Strong finish for Phillips, even if she didn’t do too much whilst in that position.
Cooper scores round 3 10-9 Phillips (29-28 Phillips).

Result: Dudieva via split decision (30-27, 28-29, 29-28).

Dudieva gets the nod and, while it was a poor decision, Phillips needs to learn from her mistakes. She didn’t keep active enough while in dominant positions, and you simply can’t do that in front of incompetent judges. 30-27 Dudieva is a joke, though.


You can see the play-by-play for the full event here on Cage Pages. The results, as they stand, can be seen below.

Preliminary Card

Milana Dudieva def. Elizabeth Phillips via split decision (30-27, 28-29, 29-28).

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