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UFC Fight Night 48 results: Guangyou wins TUF China FW crown

In easily one of the worst fights you’ll see this year, Ning Guangyou defeated Jianping Yang via unanimous decision after winning the first two rounds at UFC Fight Night 48. As a result, Guangyou is crowned the TUF China featherweight winner.

There is little to be reported on the fight, which was received negatively by the crowd, who booed almost throughout the whole of the second and third rounds. There were a number of warnings from the referee due to the fighters’ inactivity, but neither stepped on the pedal despite Yang needing a finish to get the victory.

While Guangyou has ultimately won the TUF tournament, he hasn’t done so in a convincing way and his run in the UFC doesn’t have much hype behind it. Read the play-by-play of the fight below.


This is for the TUF China featherweight tournament.

Round 1 – Guangyou with a nice right, then goes in for a takedown but Yang is the one who ends up on top. Guangyou back to his feet, and lands a beautiful takedown of his own, now into side control. That was brilliant technique. Guangyou in full guard now, short shots to the body. Yang pushes him off but Guangyou immediately jumps back on top, into half guard. Yang straight back up, in the clinch and tries a throw but well defended from Guangyou. Overhand right misses for Ning. Yang with the leg kick, using a lot of movement. Guangyou missing with leaping hooks, putting all he has into those techniques. A lot of movement but little else from both fighters in the stand-up. Less than 2 minutes left in the round. Steve Percival warning them for inactivity again. Yang with a right, and gets the fight to the ground but Guangyou straight back to his feet. Yang ducks under the right hook. Guangyou gets the clinch and lands some huge knees to the body, before separating and sticking to the feet. A lot of unrest in the crowd, they’re not liking the lack of activity. A huge knee lands for Guangyou, that hurt Yang. A nice right from Guangyou. He lands with the knee to the body at the end of the round.
Cooper scores round 1 10-9 Guangyou.

Round 2 – Steve Percival trying to encourage more action from both fighters, seemingly forgetting neither of them are able to understand English. Leg kick from Guangyou. Yang misses up high. Yang utilising a lot of movement but his combinations simply aren’t landing. Guangyou shoots in and gets the takedown, into the guard and landing some short shots to the body of Yang. He tries to posture up but is unable to land, instead advancing into half guard. Yang reverses to get on top but Guangyou has a tight guillotine in the guard. Yang gets his head out and is now on top. Guangyou gets to his feet almost immediately. Leg kick from Yang, who needs to try and increase his offence. Yang misses the high kick, then eats a high kick himself. A sprawl from Guangyou as Yang shoots in. Nice leg kick buckles the leg of Guangyou. The crowd really aren’t liking the action here, a lot of booing. Each fighter exchanging leg kicks and little else. Guangyou is the aggressor, Yang trying to circle away and land some counters. Inside leg kick from Yang. Another warning from Percival. An accidental groin strike halts the action. A good flurry from Guangyou at the end of the round.
Cooper scores round 2 10-9 Guangyou (20-18 Guangyou).

Round 3 – Leg kick for Yang lands once again. The crowd are really booing now, both fighters just moving and little else. More kicks from Yang landing, he’s doing a good job of working the lead leg of Guangyou. Another lands, this time buckling the leg. Spinning back kick from Guangyou, but doesn’t land flush. Neither fighter are doing much at all, and the crowd are booing like crazy. Yang isn’t landing aside from the leg kick, which is working to great effect. Guangyou with the body kick, and another. 2 minutes. Both fighters taunting each other rather than fighting. This is just odd. And terrible to watch. Yang ducking under the combinations of Guangyou, who is making some funny noises with every shot he attempts. The crowd have been booing for the last couple of minutes, but neither fighter stepping on the pedal and more warnings from Steve Percival. Please let this end. All that has happened in this round is leg kicks from Yang, nothing else. Praise the lord, the fight ends.
Cooper scores round 3 10-9 Yang (29-28 Guangyou).

Result: Guangyou via unanimous decision (29-28 x3).

Neither fighter won. That was just awful. I was on the verge of tears watching that. His interview was just as bad as the fight.


You can see the play-by-play for the full event here on Cage Pages. The results, as they stand, can be seen below.

Main Card

Ning Guangyou def. Jianping Yang via unanimous decision (29-28 x3).

Preliminary Card

Wang Sai def. Danny Mitchell via unanimous decision (29-28 x3).
Alberto Mina def. Shinsho Anzai via TKO (punches) at 4:17 in first round.
Yuta Sasaki def. Roland Delorme via submission (rear naked choke) at 1:06 in first round.
Colby Covington def. Wang Anying via submission (strikes) at 4:50 in first round.
Royston Wee def. Yao Zhikui via split decision (29-28 x2, 27-30).
Milana Dudieva def. Elizabeth Phillips via split decision (30-27, 28-29, 29-28).

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