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Jadamba Narantungalag Defeats Koji Oishi to Become ONE FC Featherweight Champion

Koji Oishi (25-10-10) made the second defense of his ONE FC featherweight title in the first of three title fights at ONE FC 19, against Mongolian Jadamba Narantungalag (10-3).

After capturing the title by knocking out Honorio Banario at ONE FC 9, Koji Oishi repeated the same feat at ONE FC 13 to defend his belt in a rematch.

Narantungalag, considered to be Mongolia’s top fighter, made his ONE FC at ONE FC 16 and defeated former title challenger Honorio Banario to earn this shot at the champion. He had only lost one fight in his last 10.

Jadamba Narantungalag would overwhelming dominate the champion Oishi to earn the judges’ unanimous decision and become the new ONE FC featherweight champion.

The challenger went on the offense early, aggressive to start the bout, stalking the champion by constantly moving forward. Oishi was hesitant to engage, circling the cage, forcing Jadamba to press him against the cage. Jadamba picked Oishi up and put him gently on the mat, Oishi popped right back up but allowed Jadamba to take his back. A tamed first round ended with the Mongolian controlling Oishi in the clinch.

Jadamba continued his aggression, but Oishi began to engage in exchanges in the second round, while still circling. Both fighters looked to throw at the same time, Jadambaa beating Oishi to the punch by landing an overhand right–rocking the champion. Jadamba followed up by landing a flurry of haymakers before taking down a hurt Oishi and began pounding away at the champion with over-under control. Taking the back, Jadamba went for the rear naked choke but gave up his position, allowing Oishi to sneak out through the back and gain top position.

A huge mouse swelled up on Oishi’s left eye between rounds 2 and 3, and the champion still had no answer for the offense of Jadamba in round 3. Jadamba’s pace slowed in round 3, having a harder time catching up to Oishi’s movement. Koji went on the offensive after catching Jadamba with a right hand, but still was tentative when throwing his hands, allowing Jadamba to recover.

Jadamba continued to increase his lead in the fourth round, setting up his takedowns with combinations on the feet to back Oishi up against the fence. The bigger fighter, Narantungalag physicaly imposed his will on the smaller Oishi, controlling him in the clinch and giving him no room to work.

Desperately knowing he was down on the judges’ scorecards, Koji Oishi turned up his aggression in the final round, but was continually met by Jadamba on the feet. Jadamba still hunting for the finish, applied a bulldog choke on Oishi late in the fight and had him trapped against the cage, taking shots to the head.

In the end, it was an easy decision for the judges to make, awarding Jadamba Narantungalag with the unanimous decision and the new championship.

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