UFC: Weight Management Specialist Louis Giordano has an offer for Johny Hendricks and B.J. Penn

Attention B.J. Penn and Johny Hendricks: Weight Management Specialist Louis Giordano has a proposal you may want to consider.

UFC legend B.J. Penn and former UFC welterweight champion Johny Hendricks have someone wants to work with them and their weight. Both fighters have had their fair share of problems on the scales with weight cutting specialist Mike Dolce, however Penn and Hendricks should tune in because weight management specialist Louis Giordano is the real deal and claims he will fix what “Mike Dolce messed up.”

Giordano and Dolce may be viewed as the same since they both have a profession that deals with weight and the shedding of pounds, but Giordano does not agree with being compared to Dolce.

“To be considered on the same playing field as Mike Dolce with what we do; I am not happy about it because we go about it totally different,” Giordano told Cage Pages. “I have been in the industry for fifteen years. You are always going to have people who are not happy, but when multiple former world-class champions, a guy like B.J. Penn who helped put the UFC on the map, multiple champions, you know, Johny Hendricks who is a world-class guy and a world-class fighter, come out saying what they are saying then obviously they are not happy with the services that he provided. There is a problem with that. To make it worse, Dolce blamed them and said they are lazy. They are lazy? You were hired and paid $1,000 a day and B.J. Penn said he has never felt worse. If I ever charged a client $1,000 a day and they never felt worse; I probably should look for a new profession.”

Giordano seemed to have taken offense to the comparison between him and Dolce, and elaborated on their differences.

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“This is why Mike Dolce and I are very different,” explained Giordano. “My style is very different. I want to educate my athletes so that they do not need me anymore. Maybe that is a bad business move, but I do not do things for the money. Dolce puts himself in the situation where you need to call him. That is not right. It is a business move. I will say this; he is a very good businessman, but when you have some previous clients saying some negative things then there is a problem with that.

“Here is another big difference between Dolce and I. I am always the type of person to look at myself first. When I have a client, and I give everything that I have to my clients, if they are not achieving the goals they set out to achieve; I am not quick to blame them. Maybe I am not doing enough? Maybe something is not working right? When you have guys like Johny Hendricks and B.J. Penn, these world-class fighters, all saying the same thing, that they all had the same experience and have never felt worse; you are clearly doing something wrong.”

Also, if you are looking for differences in the two, Giordano’s methods are not only different but safer than Dolce’s. Giordano believes and lives by his motto, “We do not cut weight, we manage it.”

“You never cut weight with me,” said Giordano. “You are never dehydrated. Every one of Dolce’s clients step on the scale and they are dehydrated. They have to drink something immediately. A majority of them, and I can’t say this for a fact, but I am pretty sure because of how adamant he was about the IV ban, but most of his clients must have used an IV. It is obvious, Dolce promotes extreme weight cutting.”

Giordano continued: “You have Mike Dolce’s method, which is clear and obvious in my opinion. He wants you to walk around big, do an extreme weight cut, use IV to rehydrate, but you make weight. You feel terrible, but you make weight. Now you have me, but my method you are going to be fully hydrated, you are going to feel better than you have ever felt, and you step on that scale and make weight. Which would you rather do?”

Clearly not being dehydrated and feeling better the day before you are supposed to go to war sounds preferable. Giordano is passionate about helping athlete’s manage their weight to make sure they are 100 percent on fight night. That is why he takes Hendricks and Penn’s weight cuts with Dolce to heart.

“The fight that Johny missed weight with Dolce, and it is so funny because Dolce knew it,” said Giordano. “If you watch the weigh-ins, Dolce is at the scale before Johny. He knew Johny missed weight. If you watch that fight, watch how horrible Johny looked, and that is not disrespectful to Johny. Johny is a world-class fighter and he hired a guy to take care of him and it did not happen. Then what did that guy do? He blamed Johny. Dolce blamed Johny. That is disrespectful.”

He then addressed Penn’s struggles with Dolce.

B.J. was very vocal about Dolce’s Diet costing him like $21,000. He was with Dolce for like twenty days, he paid him $1,000 a day, and he paid him a $1,000 tip,” Dolce said. “Imagine the kind of man B.J. Penn is. He paid $1,000 a day, was not satisfied, but still gave him a $1,000 tip. That speaks of the character that B.J. has. You have to feel bad for him though because he trusted Dolce and Dolce did not deliver for him. It is horrible, man.”

As Dolce had a falling out with his former fighters, Giordano watched and was not happy with what he saw.

“Dolce was saying B.J. and him are great friends and whatnot, but then Penn was on an interview and rips him apart,” laughed Giordano. “Penn said he would run through Dolce’s boy, Nik Lentz, and then run through Dolce after that. I do not know about you, but my friends do not talk about running through me. It is clear that Dolce is a fraud. Hearing how adamant B.J. was on how unhappy he was; it is clear that Mike is trying to cover up that he messed up. We all make mistakes, so just own that. Once they stopped working together, everyone said it was mutual, but now the truth is coming out. When the grass is cut the snakes always show. Sooner or later the truth will always come out.”

A big reason Giordano is so passionate and invested in the Hendricks, Penn, and Dolce ordeal is because he had a similar situation in his life.

“I spent thousands of dollars being misdiagnosed by doctors because they were more worried about writing a prescription than finding a diagnosis,” explained Giordano. “It is frustrating when you spend money on a so-called professional and you’re just another name on a folder, not an actual human being. That is so frustrating. That is why I am so empathetic with B.J. and Johny from their troubles with Dolce because they are not just another name. They are world-class fighters and people.”

“I am going to manage your weight and I am going to do it for free.” – Giordano.

Giordano knows that he can never take away the bad times Penn and Hendricks had with Dolce, but he has other plans to try and help out two of the best fighters in world.

“So, what I would like to do is tell B.J. Penn and tell Johny Hendricks to allow me to do a test weight cut for them,” explained Giordano. “Quote on quote weight cut because we are not going to cut weight; I am going to manage your weight and I am going to do it for free. It won’t cost you a dime. All it will cost you is your ear, your time, and you have to just listen to me and to hear me out.

“Lets do a trial run and then lets compare Dolce’s way vs. mine. I mean Mike and I can go back and forth arguing about who is better, but at the end of the day, it is the client that is going to feel the difference. I would like to extend my full services to Johny Hendricks and B.J. Penn, and for free. I want them to feel the difference. I can manage your weight from home. I do not need to be with you for four or five weeks. That is how good my program is and that is how I designed it. I made it so easy to follow so that I do not need to be there. So, Johny and B.J.; I will manage your weight for free!”