UFC Fight Night 85: Jake Matthews Chokes Out Case

Jake Matthews continues his rise up the UFC lightweight ladder, as he submitted Johnny Case at UFC Fight Night 85 in the last round of their fight.

In possibly the more intriguing fight of the night; an exciting match-up between two rising UFC lightweight prospects, Johnny Case and Jake Matthews.

Johnny Case has flown under the radar thus far in his UFC career, but could use this platform to rocket himself up the UFC lightweight ranks. Having won 12 fights in a row, it is somewhat surprising that he hasn’t caught the attention he’s deserved since debuting in the UFC.

Jake Matthews is a young stud, and the heavy fan favorite, as he steps foot into a UFC cage placed right in his home country of Australia. Having only lost one professional fight thus far in his career,  the 21-year-old Jake “The Celtic Kid” Matthews continues to mold himself as a fighter while he’s learning on the job.

Down below will be a round by round analysis between these two rising UFC lightweight prospects, Jake Matthews and Johnny Case.

Round 1: Boys come out throwing right off the bat, Matthews lands a huge right hand early. Case takes the heat, now stalking down Matthews as he moves around the cage. Matthews showing great improvement in striking, not charging out-of-place like he has been known to do. Case trying to put together a variety of strikes, not doing a very good job finding his range. Case drops his hands after landing a right hand, Matthews lands another right hand. Matthews starting to charge in a bit, Case moving out-of-the-way while finding his range. Jake shoots in and Case immediately stuffs it, Matthews stands back up when given the opportunity. Matthews lands another thunderous right hand, Case showing he has a chin. Matthews charges in again and plants Case with a thudding left hook; once again, Case shakes it off and smiles at him. Case shoots in for his own take down, tags Matthews with a left hand and he’s hurt! Matthews trying to avoid the strikes as the round ends.

Cage Pages Score: Matthews 10-9

Round 2: Case pressing forward early, blocks a head kick while moving forward. Case misfires a flying knee, trying to time Matthews charging in. Case throws a crisp combo backing Matthews up, misses with a front kick. Matthews being a bit quite early, throws a head kick and misses. Matthews charges forward nailing Case with a body kick and Case is hurt! Matthews takes Case down, immediately transferring into a triangle; but Case avoiding the danger briefly while landing hammer fists. Matthews now on the ground taking some brutal ground and pound from Case, Case now hanging on his opponent’s back looking for some hooks. Matthews rolls but Case maintains top position, Matthews escapes and stands this fight back up. Case lands a huge knee against the cage, Matthews lands another body shot and he’s hurt again. Matthews finding a weakness on Case but not capitalizing on it, round ends with Case on his knees.

Cage Pages Score: Case 10-9

Round 3: Case hanging his hands low as he stalks Matthews. Matthews immediately goes for a body kick but blocked by Case, Case slowing down as the round goes. Matthews charging in, throwing that body kick every time he finishes the combo. Case leaving himself open now, not really answering in these exchanges. Matthews clips Case with a left land, Case shoots in for a take down and is stuffed. Case looking to take this thing down again, Matthews stuffing them all right now as he continues to attack the body. Case comes in with a push kick, pressing Matthews up against the cage in the clinch. Matthews jumps to Case’s back on the transition, now he has both hooks in and now has the choke in! It’s in at an angle, Case fights it off but is still in a horrible position. Matthews looking for that rear naked choke again, he’s got it locked it, it’s over! Matthews gets it done submitting Johnny Case!

Official Scorecard: Jake Matthews defeats Johnny Case via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Rd.3 4:45

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