UFC Fight Night 85: Mark Hunt Walks Off Again versus Mir

No man in the UFC can walk-off knockout someone like Mark Hunt can.

Once again, the New Zealand native puts another top 15 heavyweight to sleep in the main event at UFC Fight Night 85.

The main event of UFC Fight Night 85 in Brisbane, Australia, consists of two UFC  worldly known UFC heavyweights trying to regain relevancy in a stagnant division.

Mark Hunt had lost two in a row to two UFC heavyweights that will now be meeting each other in a headliner for the heavyweight title, champion Fabricio Werdum and Stipe Miocic will meet at UFC 198 in May. Now that Hunt regained his composure with a victory over Antonio Silva, the New Zealand native may throw his name in a the mix with an emphatic win over Frank Mir.

Same goes for Frank Mir, who was recently out-dueled by Andrei Arlovski back in September at UFC 191. Mir surely doesn’t want to hit another downward spiral inside the cage, he will be determined to get back on track against Mir tonight.

Down below will be a round by round of the UFC Fight Night 85 main event between the two top 15 ranked UFC heavyweights, Mark Hunt and Frank Mir.

 Round 1: Touch gloves and here we go in the main event. Hunt throws an inside leg kick to start things, surprises Mir and knocks him off-balance. Mir shoots in for a sloppy level change, Hunt pushes him off and circles away. A lot feints from Hunt, Mir follows up with a double jab. Hunt flashes a jab of his own as Mir continues to circle away from the power. Mir goes high with a head kick, looks like he’s using strikes to keep him at distance. Hunt comes in with a combo and nearly clips Mir, Hunt throwing a few more combinations starting to loosen up a bit. Hunt stands right in front of him, and just like that! Hunt cracks Mir right behind the ear and Mir completely collapsed to the canvas. The guy just has unreal power, Mir ducking from a punch but still ends up getting tagged in the ear. Another walk-off shot for one of the best heavy-hitters in the game.

Official Scorecard: Mark Hunt defeats Frank Mir via KO (Strike) Rd.1 3:01

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