UFC Fight Night 85: Neil Magny Breaks Lombard in Last Round

Neil Magny forces Hector Lombard to give up in the very last round of their UFC Fight Night 85 co-main event in Brisbane, Australia.

Suspension now lifted from Hector Lombard; the top 15 UFC welterweight will receive a rude welcoming from top ten UFC welterweight, Neil Magny.

Neil Magny steps into a UFC octagon on a two fight winning streak, and having won nine out of his last ten fights. A win over Lombard should give Magny the opportunity to fight someone ranked in the top ten.

Lombard was a highly-touted middleweight prospect when he came into the UFC, but suffered two losses in three fights, forcing Lombard to move down in weight to resurrect his UFC career.

Down below will be a round by round analysis for this highly anticipated co main event between Hector Lombard and Neil Magny.

Round 1: Hector Lombard coming out aggressively, but no strike yet from Lombard. Lombard corners his prey in a spot and strikes with ease, drops Magny with some easy shots, this could be over. Lombard is just swarming him, flatted him out, Magny still trying to survive. Referee eyeing the action as Magny tries to stand back up, Lombard drags him back down while landing bombs on the ground. Magny was able to get an under hook, trying to slow the onslaught from Lombard while threatening off his back. Magny able to get back into full guard, trying to control Lombard’s posture and wrists. Hector continues to rain them down on him though, but Magny able to somehow to get back to his feet and now winging his fists. Magny sticking to the outside now, shoots in on Lombard without setting it up; easily gets stuffed by Lombard as he pushes Magny off and circles away. Magny using his reach, looking for some jabs after landing a right hand. Magny survives, we are going to a second round.

Cage Pages Score: Lombard 10-9

Round 2: Magny comes out swinging after possibly being down 10-8 in the last round. Magny using the reach as he should be, putting the combinations together from a distance. Lombard lands another power shot, but gets clipped by a right hand. Lombard looks to be having some difficulty with the range now, pins Magny up against the cage. Magny tries plumbing Lombard up in the Thai clinch, Lombard shrugs him off and drops him with a huge left hand. Magny surviving again, able to reverse positions and now on top of Lombard. Magny is now in the mount and transitions into a triangle! He’s got it in deep, Lombard is trying to posture out but finds himself in arm lock as well. Lombard collapses out of the lock and gets out! Magny jumps on him, flattens him out, and is laying down some strikes! Lombard slowly trying to get back up, the ref is looking in closely as he keeps receiving shots from Magny. Lombard is turning over, Magny trying to get him out of there but the round ends! Wow what a crazy two rounds.

Cage Pages Score: Magny 10-9

Round 3: Magny is smelling blood, coming forward immediately to finish Hector Lombard. He plants him a couple more times and takes him down again. Now he is in a mounted triangle, he’s teeing off on Magny, the ref has called the fight! Lombard was just exhausted as Magny pulled through and got the victory. What a showing from someone who many thought he didn’t have a chance against Lombard in this UFC co-main event.

Official Scorecard: Neil Magny defeats Hector Lombard via TKO (Strikes) Rd.3 0:46

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