Shamrock FC: Susie Wyatt’s Age is Not an Issue

Shamrock FC’s Susie Wyatt tried martial arts on a whim, and is now riding her competitive spirit into her pro debut at 50 years old.

Wyatt’s story is nothing short of inspirational. The single mother of four decided to try martial arts when a kickboxing class moved into the aerobics room at her gym.

Today Wyatt is sporting a 10-7 record amateur record and is looking to start the next part of her career off in winning fashion at Shamrock FC: Explosion.

Cage Pages took the time to get to know her a little better before she makes her professional debut.

Wyatt opened up by explaining the accident that led to her taking her first martial arts class.

“It was kind of by accident. I’m a group fitness instructor, and I was running a program. Finney’s MMA came into our gym and took over our aerobics room. I started kickboxing because If you can’t beat them, join them. I did kickboxing for about six months. At 5’3″ with arms like a T-rex, it wasn’t the sport for me. I started doing gi jiu-jitsu not long after that. I thought, ‘Add the two together and it’s MMA, right?’ Everyone at the gym was fighting and having fun. There was no concept that age was an issue. It just bugged them.”

When asked if Wyatt had any hobbies outside of MMA she explained that her life is more than busy.

“I’m a single mom of four. They’re 26, 19, 18 and 16, and I’m a massage therapist and fitness trainer. I’m very physical, so MMA is great for me. Anytime I’m not working or with the kids I’m doing a new workout. That’s what  makes me happy. I have chickens, I like knitting. I’m actually carving a path through the woods for my neighbors. I have way too much energy for a normal human.”

When asked if her kids thought it was odd that she started fighting late in life, Wyatt said it was just the opposite.

“They would come to the gym with me. They knew all the fighters at the gym so it wasn’t a big change. I’m their mom. They don’t see me as this old lady. They’re proud of me. They’re my biggest supporters. I got to go to career day and explain what life was like doing what I do. Everyone thought it was pretty cool. Not only do I have kids, but I have grand kids as well! You might want to check their grandmother’s ears before you mess with them. I feel really blessed to have found a sport, even if it’s this late in life. I’ll do it until it’s no longer fun, or I’m no longer successful.”

One worry people have had with Wyatt’s career is her not getting fights in the future due to her age. Thus far it has not been a problem, nor does she expect it to be.

“In Missouri, they’re fine with me fighting. I haven’t taken that much damage. Jesse Finney and Shamrock FC have been very supportive of me my entire amateur career. He’s an amazing person. The fact that I started to fight at 46 and they actually gave me a chance to step in at my age. They provide amazing services and venues. One-on-one, he’s accepting of me. We don’t always agree on everything, but he always gives me a chance. He’s a very busy man, but still has a relationship with every one of us.”

Before leaving to tend to her busy life, Wyatt ended with some touching words.

“I just think that no matter what you choose to do, whatever falls in your lap, don’t be afraid of trying things. Especially for women. I never thought I would be a mixed martial artist. A lot of times we’re discouraged by society, by men, by our children because what we want to do is not classic women’s work or sport.”

Thus far, Wyatt’s story seems fit for a Disney movie. To follow the next chapter of Wyatt’s improbable and enchanting tale, catch her fight in Shamrock FC and follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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