Anderson Silva’s Top Five Moments: Caught in the Web

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UFC Middleweight Anderson Silva

UFC Legend Anderson Silva: Joshua Dahl-USA TODAY Sports

Before Anderson Silva fights Derek Brunson at UFC 208, we break down the top five iconic moments in the career of “The Spider.”

It’s nearly impossible to narrow down the top moments in the career of Anderson Silva.  For a martial artist who might go down as the best ever, he’s accumulated several show-stopping finishes in an astounding career.

He’ll perhaps be best remembered for the way he was able to psychologically break down an opponent systematically inside the cage.  He made several elite fighters of the era look ordinary, while at the same time looking nearly invincible in the process.

The bout against Derek Brunson at UFC 208 comes at an interesting time in Silva’s career.  At 42, he’s closer to the end of his hall-of-fame career than the beginning.  Despite a competitive bout against current middleweight champion Michael Bisping last year, he remains without an official victory since 2012.

Silva’s presence adds star power to a card that desperately needed to be bolstered.  But it has yet to be seen if he still possesses the ability to hold off a young heavy hitter in Brunson.  Regardless, fans will be tuning in with the hope that they see another one of the moments that made “The Spider” a legend.

Here are Anderson Silva’s top five moments:

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