UFC: Four Historic Pay-Per-Views Every Fan Should Watch

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UFC Pay-per-view

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

When looking back at the history of the UFC, the collection of more than 200 of the promotion’s pay-per-view (PPV) events is a solid place to start. Among those, four events stand out as must-watch for all fans of mixed martial arts (MMA).

A lot goes into a UFC PPV event. When those things click, the result can be special. The biggest promotion in the sport has dazzled us more than a few times, putting together some of the most memorable, historic, and impactful fights in MMA history. Four cards, in particular, helped shape the way we watch and enjoy the UFC today.

These events are important for the promotion, the fighters, and the fans. Each invests more than their counterparts in other sports, and without a worthwhile result and enjoyable product, the relationship doesn’t last.

By now, the idea of UFC PPV programming is second nature. The partnership has been there from the beginning, and fans aren’t perplexed by the idea of paying for specific programming from the promotion. Unlike Bellator, whose second PPV event will take place this summer, the UFC is expected to put on major PPV events throughout the year.

The strength of this partnership was built on the promotion’s early PPVs, several of which made more of an impact than others. With some time to reflect, and a fresh viewing, a few of the UFC’s major shows were more historically important, and fun to watch, than the rest.

These memorable cards deserve a watch for new fans and a re-watch for the veterans. Their impact on the sport and the promotion are inarguable, and without them, we wouldn’t be enjoying MMA in the multitude of ways we do today.

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