10 Best Knockouts in the History of The Ultimate Fighter

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Nov 19, 2016; Belfast, Northern Ireland; Uriah Hall is seen before fight against Gerard Mousasi during UFC Fight Night at SSE Arena. Mandatory Credit: Per Haljestam-USA TODAY Sports

The Ultimate Fighter is often credited for making the UFC into what it is today.

The Ultimate Fighter has come a long way in the 12 years since it first aired. Now in its 25th season, the show has provided a plethora of memorable moments since the UFC started it in 2005. While not every fight on the show is the “instant classic” that the 1st season finale between Forrest Griffin and Stephan Bonnar was, there have been plenty of great ones.

Griffin vs Bonnar can be seen as the fight that began to turn the UFC from “human cockfighting” into the worldwide sport that we know it as now.

As great as that fight was, there was one thing missing. A highlight reel finish. That is something, however, that The Ultimate Fighter has been able to provide in abundance over the years.

Obviously, with 24 completed seasons of the show, narrowing it down to a top 10 list is no easy task. There are going to be knockouts that get left out that people feel should have made it and there are going to be some that make it that people get mad at.

That said, this is a list that spans the entirety of The Ultimate Fighter and ranks the top 10 knockouts in the history of the show.

It features one punch knockouts, multiple broken bones, head kicks, slams and one of the most violent knockouts in UFC history. Some names will be familiar while others will probably have been forgotten.

Starting with a 2-for-1 at number 10

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