UFC: [Video] Angela Magana, Cris Cyborg get into pysical altercation

Cris Cyborg and Angela Magana got into a heated argument over the weekend in Las Vegas and it turned nasty.

This past weekend the UFC invited over 450 of their athletes to the grand opening of their new facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. They named it the 2017 Athlete retreat.

It was meant to be fun and informative but it turned nasty after two fighters bumped into one another.

Cris Cyborg confronted Angela Magana after some of her recent social media postings about the Brazilian infuriated her. According to initial reports, Cyborg approached Magana, words were exchanged and then it happened. Cyborg threw a punch, striking Angela in the face.

Both Cyborg and Magana were then pulled away while words were still seemingly been thrown around. Magana suffered no real injuries.

Until now there has been no video of the incident that took place on Sunday, but cagepages.com has exclusively obtained the video footage from the scuffle. Watch below:

Both women are currently waiting to be booked for fights in the UFC’s octagon. Cyborg has not been in action since last year. She is currently 2-0 in the UFC and has dominated both Leslie Smith and Lina Lansberg.

Magana has not been seen in the cage since 2015. Rehabbing an injury and dealing with some personal business, Angela has been vocal of late regarding a return to the fight game.

Cyborg may find herself in hot water for the scuffle as she can be seen to strike Magana in the face. The UFC may act seriously and we may see some serious ramifications for Cyborg in the next few days.

This may well be the end of Cyborg’s UFC career. A silly scuffle could spell disaster on what could have been a great 2017 for the former Invicta FC champion. We have similar incidents between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier and Michael Chiesa and Kevin Lee, so time will tell.