Top 10 Greatest Women’s Knockouts in UFC History

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Jun 3, 2017; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Claudia Gadelha (red gloves) fights Karolina Kowalkiewicz (blue gloves) during UFC 212 at Rio Olympic Arena. Mandatory Credit: Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Women were not eligible to compete inside the UFC’s octagon before 2013. Over the past four years, they have produced plenty of thrilling finishes. Here is our look at ten of the best.

UFC fans will tell you that they watch mixed martial arts for a number of reasons.

Some will tell you that they like to marvel at the technique on display in even the most one-sided and uneventful of contests.

Some claim to be so enamoured with the strategic side of fighting that they have become immersed in a world of breaking down fights to the finest of details.

Some will play up the ‘A’ in MMA and claim it is all about the art. Martial Arts purists who speak about warrior codes, hold fighters to impossible standards of morality and machismo, and who were reviled by Meryl Streep’s claim that MMA was not “the arts”.

Yet for all the growth, every moment of the evolutionary process that the sport has been through, one thing grabs the attention of all fans, every bit as much today as it did long before the UFC even existed.

Knockouts. That most violent, visceral end to a fight. It is, after all, the ultimate goal. Fighters are sent into cages to compete against each other in a race to see which one can shut down the other’s brain first, or render them unable to defend themselves and continue. To violently beat them into the most helpless of situations.

And we love them for that. We love MMA for that. To pretend otherwise would be to say that you are a football fan who doesn’t really like the touchdowns or the goals depending on which side of the Atlantic you sit. If they really weren’t for you, you would find another sport to follow.

In 2013 the UFC let women in on the act. For the first time since the promotion opened its doors in 1993, female fighters had the opportunity to inflict the same violence as men inside the UFC’s octagon. The results have been stunning.

Detractors would point to the fact that women’s fights at the top level produce less clean knockouts than men’s. It’s a fact that can be spun whichever way you like. Maybe the women are just tougher and don’t go down so easily.

Whichever way you look at it, over the past four years women have provided some of the most thrilling finishes witnessed by fans of the UFC. From technically spectacular, to vicious. From bloody to heroic. They have created unbelievable moments inside the cage.

Here is our list of the best of them. The ten greatest women’s KO and TKO finishes in UFC history.

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