TUF 25 Recap: Team Dillashaw goes to 6-0

Ramsey Nijem helps Team Dillashaw remain undefeated after defeating Julian Lane by a controversial TKO stoppage. Team Dillashaw improves to 6-0.

After it was announced that UFC Bantamweight Champion Cody Garbrandt had to pull out of UFC 213 due to a back injury, there was a reason to believe the episodes of this season’s TUF would be re-edited and that we would see fewer altercations between coaches Garbrandt and TJ Dillashaw.

But that was far from the case.

When Ramsey Nijem of TUF Season 13 and Julian Lane of TUF Season 16 met for the weigh-ins and the staredown, Lane showed some aggression, getting too close to Nijem. But the tension during the staredown expanded to the coaches.

Garbrandt’s assistant coach, Justin Buchholz, made a comment after the weigh-ins that Dillashaw’s assistant coach, Duane Ludwig, can go home since the weigh-in is over.

Buchholz made this comment in reference to him not seeing Ludwig around much at the TUF training facility.

Ludwig stood up and approached Buchholz as Garbrandt and Dillashaw got involved. Dillashaw and his coaches were calmer while Garbrandt and his coaches appeared to be more of the aggressors. In Garbrandt’s confessional, he said that Dillashaw may seem like the good guy since he’s not taking too much part in the arguing, but said it is the other way around.

When Team Garbrandt appeared to be leaving the gym, Buchholz kept staring at him while the team was heading for the door. Garbrandt asked him not to stare, but Buchholz refused, which led to Garbrandt returning and trying to get physical with Ludwig and Dillashaw.

Ludwig pulled Buchholz in an attempt to be friendly and to try to squash the animosity, but it led to both coaches, mostly Buchholz, trying to show off his resume as a coach. Buchholz and Ludwig briefly got physical. Once again, this led to Garbrandt returning, this time sprinting from the locker room and back to the gym trying to fight with whoever he could, but was pulled away by his coaches and fighters.

After a couple of scuffles, the episode re-focused on the fight between Nijem, coaches by Dillashaw and Lane, coached by Garbrandt.

Nijem came out quickly with a few leg kicks within the first couple of seconds. Lane reacted by putting Nijem in a guillotine choke up against the wall and eventually on the ground. But Lane could not maintain the lock, allowing Nijem to stay alive.

Lane came up with another guillotine choke attempt but was short-lived as Nijem pushed him away. With 30 seconds left, Nijem was in full mount and unleashed a plethora of shots. This led to Lane losing his mouthpiece while still getting hit. The referee stopped the fight, much to the displeasure of Garbrandt and his team.

Joe Stevenson of Team Dillashaw will face Justin Edwards of Team Garbrandt in the next episode.