UFC: Cortney Casey fails test for High Testosterone

UFC Strawweight Cortney Casey tested positive for an elevated testosterone ratio at an in-competition drug test.

Cortney Casey’s UFC 211 performance may have a little stain on it.

The test revealed Casey’s testosterone to epitestosterone level as 5.4:1, while the minimum standard in Texas for female fighters is 4:1.

This result was obtained by MMAFighting on Friday via an open records request with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR).

At 211, 11-ranked Casey won a unanimous Fight of The Night decision over 15-ranked Jessica Aguilar. That decision has been overturned and is now officially a ‘no-contest.’ Casey is reportedly under a three-month suspension, and the standard fine for such a violation in Texas is $2000.

TLDR will only perform a follow-up screening if the flagged athlete discloses that he/she were taking a substance that might elevate their testosterone levels. Casey reportedly has not disclose such a substance.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) threshold is also 4:1. They will perform an isotope-ratio mass spectrometry test to determine if the elevated testosterone level was the result of exogenous testosterone. If that finding is positive, WADA may open a disciplinary case.

USADA is the promotion’s official anti-doping agency. Their President Jeff Novitzky told MMAFighting:

“We have not been informed by USADA of anything regarding a potential anti-doping policy violation for Cortney Casey. No positive tests, no suspicion of anything now or in the past. USADA has not been in contact with us about anything at all related to that.”

It is unclear if USADA will pursue the issue. Casey’s record is currently 6-4, with 1 NC. This finding will undoubtedly hamper the career of a promising prospect in the women’s 115-pound division.