TUF 25 Episode Recap: Krause and Taylor Advance To Semis

James Krause and Jesse Taylor both capture big wins to advance to the semi-finals as Team Garbrandt is out of fighters for season 25 of TUF.

At the start of the latest episode of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 25, Team Garbrandt played a prank on TJ Dillashaw with malicious intent. In response, former UFC champion TJ Dillashaw got “Team Killashaw” shirts with a snake in them printed for his team. They were in reference to Team Alpha Male’s claim about TJ’s departure from the team.

To no one’s surprise, that led to Garbrandt and Dillashaw jawing before weigh-ins. Dillashaw and Duane Ludwig were going back and forth with Garbrandt, Danny Castillo and Justin Buchholz.

At this point, no one really knows, or may even care anymore, about what happened. Team Alpha Male claims Dillashaw betrayed the team while leaving. Dillashaw says he was bullied and joined Ludwig in leaving. But it does not seem as if everyone involved can put it in the past.

It was bad enough to where both sides were arguing while Hayder Hassan and Jesse Taylor weighed in and had their staredown. Most of the fighters were also paying attention to the arguing rather than Taylor and Hassan.

During the match, Taylor came away with a bonus win after he locked in a rear-naked choke and forced Hassan to tap out. Hassan was Team Garbrandt’s only remaining fighter, officially guaranteeing that someone from Team Dillashaw will win the season.

In what might have been the fight of the season, James Krause defeated Ramsey Nijem by unanimous decision after three rounds. Krause dominated the first round, as Ramsey owned the second.

Ramsey was the more dominant fighter in the third round, but only for a few seconds. Krause’s defense and submission attempts allowed him to have more octagon control in the third round, allowing him to move on to the final four.

Krause suffered an eye injury and was unable to open it after the match. But UFC President Dana White said that he should be okay. It is unknown how much time there was between Krause’s gruelling win and the staredowns for the next fight, but Krause was able to open up his left eye significantly better than he was able to after his win.

Krause will fight Taylor while Dhiego Lima and Tom Gallicchio will battle for a spot in the finale on July 6 in Las Vegas.