UFC OKC Results: Darrell Horcher Returns With Split Decision Win

To kick off the UFC Oklahoma City prelims, Darrell Horcher returned from devastating injuries to defeated Devin Powell by split decision.

After a life threatening motorcycle accident 13 months ago, Darrell Horcher returns to the octagon for the second time in his UFC career. In his octagon debut, Horcher faced the undefeated, top lightweight Khabib Nurmagomedov on short notice and was beaten by TKO. Tonight is his opportunity to make his triumphant return from his devastating injuries and pick up his first victory in the UFC.

Devin Powell is in a similar boat when it comes to being winless in the UFC after making his debut on short notice. While he didn’t lose to someone as talented as Nurmagomedov, he was still fighting with a busted nose and claims that we will see a different Devin Powell tonight. He will have to perform to his full potential tonight to avoid the dreaded 0-2 UFC start.
Powell relied heavily on his kicks early on to keep Horcher at a distance, but Horcher eventually caught on and started catching the kicks and landing counters once he was able to close the distance. Eventually Horcher got a hold of Powell and took him down, taking control. Powell attempted to use submissions off his back to get to his feet, but Horcher shot down each opportunities and smothered him all the way to the bell.
The second round began in a similar fashion. Powell used kicks to get his range on Horcher, but this time Horcher got right inside and shut him down, stunning him momentarily. Once Powell regained his bearings, he tried to reengage but got clipped again, and while the shots didn’t do serious damage, it gave Horcher momentum and setup another takedown. Horcher controlled Powell on the ground and continued his consistent ground and pound all the way to the bell once again.
Powell and Horcher began the third round with a hug of respect, but not much changed outside of that compared to the last two rounds. Powell landed more often, but Horcher landed with more power and staggered Powell multiple times. After a brief scramble on the cage, Powell eventually worked his arms into an anaconda choke, Horcher was able to roll out of it, but Powell had full control with a little over a minute to go. Eventually after defending a barrage of chokes, Horcher got to his feet and rode out the rest of the round.
The judges scored the fight 29-28 for Horcher, 29-28 for Powell, and finally 29-28 for the winner Darell Horcher. Post fight, Horcher thanked his family and especially his wife for helping through his painfully recovery, mentioning that he had relearn how to walk and jump after his legs were destroyed. Now that is fully recovered from his devasting injuries and picked up his first UFC win, it is time for Horcher to try and get his career back on track.