UFC Mexico City results: Alejandro Perez gets split decision win

After five of the first six fights ended in first-round finishes, Alejandro Perez and Andre Soukhamthath brawled in an entertaining scrap.

Alejandro Perez got off to a slow start against Andre Soukhamthath. But with two judges eventually satisfied with his performance, it was enough to give him the comeback win against Soukhamthath.

In a typical split decision scorecard, Perez earned a pair of 29-28 scores while Soukhamthath had one score of 29-28.

Soukhamthath knocked down Perez with a strong jab twice in the first round. Perez went for a takedown twice, but Soukhamthath defended both of them in the opening round.

In the second round, Soukhamthath knocked down Perez for a third time. When Perez was getting up, Soukhamthath put up three fingers, reminding Perez that was the third knock down of the fight so far.

Perez shifted the fight in his favor midway through the second round with a big knockdown, quickly taking the top position over Soukhamthath. With less than a minute to go, Soukhamthath got back on his feet as the two exchanged shot before the horn.

After a fairly quiet first half in the third and final round, Perez pushed Soukhamthath up against the cage and took the fight to the ground. After 30 seconds passed, both fighters got back up. With less than a minute left, Soukhamthath unloaded with a plethora of strikes before the final horn.


After coming off a draw, Perez got back in the win column and has now gone four straight fights without a loss. He holds a UFC record of 4-1-1. Perez is 18-6-1.

Meanwhile, Soukhamthath loses his second straight fight, his first career MMA losing streak. His record drops to 11-5, winless so far in his two UFC matches.