UFC Japan results: Saint Preux makes short work of Yushin Okami

In the main event of UFC Japan, Ovince Saint Preux made short work of Yushin Okami’s surpassing return to the UFC with yet another incredible Von Flue Choke.

Ovince Saint Preux absolutely needed a victory in the UFC‘s Japan tonight after recently recovering from his brutal three loss downward spiral.

A submission win over Marcos Rogério de Lima was able to cease the haemorrhaging of three straight defeats against Jon Jones, Jimi Manuwa, and Volkan Ozedemir. OSP now found himself in a spot where he could regain his footing and earn himself a second chance at a run at title contention in a weak light heavyweight division

Yushin Okami was the last name anybody had in mind to replace Shogun Rua when he pulled out of the main event but he was there, and still had a job to do. It had been four years since Okami had set foot in the UFC octagon, a loss to Jacare Souza. Okami also carried a four-fight win streak into this fight from the regional circuits, but this was the first big name he fought since Jon Fitch in 2015. Okami didn’t have much to lose but still needed to be competitive to stay in the UFC.

In the first round, Okami shot right in for a takedown and got stuffed by Saint Pruex. The two stalemated in the half guard until Ovince began to set up his signature Von Flue choke, which he pulled off twice previously in his career.

Okami didn’t see the choke coming until it was already too late and there was nothing he could do about it. OSP locked it up and Okami was too caught by surprise to even tap out, and he went out. The official stepped in and it was over just that quickly. Ovince had pulled off that Von Flue once again for the third time in his career. That choke has been pulled off five times in UFC, he now owns three of those submissions.

Post-fight, Ovince admitted he was “surprised” that Okami tried to go for the guillotine, as the Von Flue is his go-to move. he also continued to say that he didn’t really change anything for this fight. A surprising fun fact following this fight is that OSP is actually tied for third for most finishes in the UFC since 2013 with seven finishes, tied with Conor McGregor.